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Policy Information

Number: 3.52

Name: Maximum Class Size Policy

Author: Policy Committee

Effective Date: August 22, 2017

Next Review Date: Spring 2022

Regulatory Authority:

Part 1. Policy Background.

The purpose of this policy is to implement the Employment contract between Minnesota State and the Minnesota State College Faculty (MSCF) which mandates maximum class size be established in accordance with the current Minnesota State College Faculty (MSCF) contract.

Part 2. Definitions.

Subpart A. Maximum Class Size.

Maximum class size means the maximum number of students that can enrolled in a section of a course.

Subpart B. Class Tally.

Class tally is the published class size/enrollment figure, which takes into consideration facility limitations and delivery method of the course. It cannot exceed the maximum class size. Every effort should be made to ensure that all sections of a class offered in the same delivery method during the same semester have the same class tally.

Subpart C. Double Section.

A double section is two sections of the same class taught at the same time and by the same faculty member.

Part 3. Determination of Maximum Class Size.

Maximum class size will be included as part of the proposal for a new course or the modification of an existing course as it is considered by the Academic Affairs and Standards Council (AASC). Maximum class size proposals shall adhere to the following:

  • Maximum class size shall be determined based on the learning outcomes and assessments that are standards of the discipline and/or required for accreditation.
  • Economic considerations shall come second to pedagogical considerations.
    1. As a guideline, an average class size of 23 students covers the costs associated with offering a course and supporting students. The college recognizes that certain types of courses may be smaller or larger.
    2. Departments should attempt to design course offerings and class-sizes to meet this average class size where practical. The average of 23 may be achieved through a combination of large lecture courses and smaller practicum courses.

Upon approval of a new course or course modification by AASC, the maximum class size will be determined at regularly scheduled Shared Governance Council meetings.

The Maximum Class Size list will be published on SharePoint > Groups And Committees > Shared Governance Council (SGC) > Shared Documents.

Part 4. Other Class Size Considerations.

Subpart A. Multiple Sections.

When a faculty member chooses to be assigned to teach a double section, the maximum class size limit will be double the maximum class size of a single section.

Part 5. Campus Review.

Review Action Date(s)

Campus Community Review Period




MAPE Review


MMA Review


Shared Governance Council Review


Student Senate Review


President Approval


Campus Community Dissemination



  • Date of Adoption 23-Sep-1994
  • Revised 01-Jun-2000
  • Revised 23-Nov-2005
  • Revised 23-Nov-2011
  • Revised Spring 2017