A student receiving help at the Math Resource Center.

Changes during COVID-19 pandemic: 

While classes remain online, Peer Tutoring, the Math Resource Center, and the Writing Center will be available on a remote basis. Students will be able to work with tutors through a number a methods. Click here to learn more about Remote Tutoring services.


Staffed by experienced paraprofessionals, the Math Resource Center (MRC) provides drop-in tutoring in any math or math-related course. Our goal it to help students become independent learners.

To begin using the MRC, we encourage you to bring your assigned homework and work on it while in the area. This gives you the option to get help or clarification on anything you do not understand. Then, we'll encourage you to try it on your own! If you continue to have problems, you may come back and ask questions as many times as it takes to understand.

In addition to the tutorial help, we have programmed materials, CD's, computer-assisted instruction, mathematics library, math topic handouts, quiet and group study areas are available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do I need to make an appointment?

    No, we provide drop in tutoring so you do not need to make an appointment. Just grab a table and start working on your math problems. When you have a question or get stumped on a problem, we ask that you wait in line or approach staff at the desk for help.

    Note: If we're busy, we may limit your time with the professional tutor to 5 to 10 minutes, or allow you to ask one to three questions. However, you may continue to revisit the tutor until you get all your questions answered or until you understand the problem.

  • Is online tutoring available at NHCC?

    Tutor.com is a free online tutoring service that NHCC students can access by logging in through D2L, then selecting the desired course. Click here for more information about online tutoring services.

  • Where do I rent a graphing calculator?

    Graphing calculators can be rented through the Accounting & Fees Office located in ES 41. Prior to obtaining the calculator, you will need to pay a $20 semester rental fee and fill out a rental contract available at the Accounting & Fees Office.

  • Can you help me prepare for the math placement test?

    We've put together a study guide for the math placement test. Students are welcome to take a study guide and work at their own pace. If you have questions, please drop into the MRC to get assistance.

  • Can you recommend websites to help with math?

    Yes, the internet is full of resources. Faculty and your peers have recommended the websites below:

    • Virtual Library: Mathematics
    • Mathematical Atlas
    • MATHnetBase
    • MathWorld
    • Matindale’s Calculators On-Line Center
    • MethaMath
    • Learnerstv.com
    • Youtube
    • Khans academy
    • Mindtap
    • Schoolyourself.org
    • Cengage
    • Jing