Beginning Saturday, August 6, 2016 there will be changes to some terminology in Brightspace. The chart below lists the changes to three tool names that all users will see. 

Your instructors may have instructions within their courses that could refer to the old terms so until they can get the information updated, please refer to the chart for cross-reference.

Current Terminology

New Terminology as of August 6

News Announcements
Dropbox Assignments
Pager Instant Messages

D2L and the MnSCU ITS Service Desk will be changing all FAQs and training material to reflect the new terminology.

More details and screenshots from the MnSCU ITS Service Desk.

Also, on August 8th, there will be a change on the Course Home page layout located underneath the top navigation bar. This page will move from a two-widget across the page layout to a three-widget across the page layout. This change will accommodate best practices for usability and easier access for the new Office 365 widget and directions which will be available for students. The widget allows access to Outlook Email, Calendar, and OneDrive files. Students will also be able to connect to their OneDrive in order to submit assignment files within the Dropbox (new term - Assignments).

Here is an example of the new Course Home page layout:

Brightspace three-widget across page