Brightspace Login URL was Changed on December 27

On December 27, 2017, the Brightspace login URL for NHCC was updated from the to the

  • What should users (faculty, staff, students) do after the Brightspace domain change?
    After the domain change to, users should update their bookmarks in all browsers to the new URL. 
  • What happens if a user goes to the old login URL address after December 27?
    From December 27, 2017 until January 11, 2018, users will be automatically redirected to the new URL site. After that, will be a "dead" URL address and there will no longer be a redirect to the new URL. 
  • What should students do if they encounter a bad link in a Brightspace course or course file?
    Students should contact the instructor with details of where the bad link is located in the course.
  • What about D2L apps such as Pulse and Binder?
    As of December 27, students will need to log out of these apps and then log back in to the new domain address to reconnect to the D2L apps.

  • What about the MediaSpace URL ?
    As of December 27, students will need to login to