PSEO students studying.

The Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program allows high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors the opportunity to earn college credit to use toward the completion of high school graduation requirements.

  • PSEO Eligibility

    10th grade - Career and Technical Education (CTE) students have limited course options to choose from. Students seeking this option must pass the 8th grade MCA reading exam.

    All 11th and 12th grade students are eligible with a 2.75 GPA or higher. Students that do not meet the GPA minimum must meet the class rank or national percentage rank criteria:

    • 11th grade - Students must rank in the top third (66% or higher) of their graduating class, or in the top third on a nationally standardized test (ex: ACT, SAT, etc.).
    • 12th grade - Students must rank in the top half (50% or higher) of their graduating class, or in the top half on a nationally standardized test (ex: ACT, SAT, etc.).
  • PSEO Admissions Steps

    1. Submit an online PSEO application
    2. Have your high school counselor email the following documents to
      • Notice of Student Registration Form (can be downloaded and electronically signed by student, parent, and counselor)
      • Official transcripts (with class ranking)
      • Nationally standardized test scores (if there is no class ranking). ACT and SAT scores can also be used for Accuplacer waiver.
    3. ACCUPLACER placement test (currently waived with a 2.75+ GPA)
      • Per the Minnesota State system's directive on COVID-19, NHCC is accepting eligible PSEO applicants at college-level Reading with a 2.75+ cumulative high school GPA. Therefore, those that meet the eligibility criteria of a 2.75+ GPA will be waived from taking the ACCUPLACER placement test (for Reading/Writing) and accepted into the PSEO program. Those that are using rank to meet the eligibility criteria, but have below a 2.75 GPA will need to take the Accuplacer placement test, and test at college-level reading.
      • Please note, if you would like to take a math course, or course that requires a math prerequisite or placement level, please contact You may need to take the ACCUPLACER placement test in Math or request a waiver. Math courses require strong study skills and knowledge of previous areas of math. Please discuss in depth with an academic advisor prior to taking a math course.

    In order to allow enough time for document processing and placement testing, please apply at least one month prior to the deadline.

  • Acceptance into PSEO

    Check your email for communication regarding acceptance (this may be in your spam/junk folder). Please thoroughly read through for next steps.

    Per the Minnesota State system's directive on COVID-19, eligible PSEO applicants (with a 2.75 GPA or higher) will be accepted into the PSEO program without Accuplacer scores. PSEO admissions will be based on cumulative high school GPA meeting college-level readiness standards set by Minnesota State. For students that do not have a 2.75 GPA, but do meet eligibility with ranking, they must take the Accuplacer placement test (and place college-level reading) for acceptance. 

    Once students receive their acceptance letter, they must complete the PSEO Online Orientation in D2L ( and will then be emailed (to their NHCC email) to schedule their PSEO Registration Session. Students can also call 763-424-0703 to schedule this one-on-one session. Students should also meet with their high school counselor prior to their PSEO Registration Session to go over course selection.

    Please review the PSEO Agreement of Understanding.

  • Summer Courses at NHCC

    There is no PSEO enrollment during summer session. If a student wishes to take courses during summer semester and pay out-of-pocket, they will need to complete a general admission application (if you have a PSEO application on file, please submit a new application - using your existing StarID - and select first time, returning, transfer student - not PSEO), pay the $20 application fee, and complete and submit the HS Non-PSEO Form along with required documents to

  • PSEO Funding Restrictions

    • Funding does not cover courses which have additional fees. Please review the list of ineligible courses.
    • Funding does not cover the registration or cost of developmental courses (courses numbered below 1000).
    • PSEO students cannot be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenses.
    • PSEO students cannot retake courses they have previously passed (with a grade of A-D).
    • PSEO students are unable to enroll in both college-level and developmental coursework at the same time.
    • PSEO students are responsible for tuition, fees, and supplies at an institution(s) to which they are not formally admitted.
    • PSEO students are not eligible for admission to the Nursing, MLT, Paralegal or Law Enforcement skills program. (General education and approved pre-requisites allowed towards these programs).
  • PSEO Online Information Session

    This video is for prospective PSEO students. This is not the online orientation video that accepted PSEO students must watch.

  • Current PSEO Students

    Current PSEO Student Information