North Hennepin Community College is a great choice for international students (F-1 visa) to begin an associate degree, which is the foundation for a bachelor's degree in the United States. NHCC is part of the Minnesota State system and offers more than 30 associate degree options at a low tuition rate! Benefits of attending NHCC include our international student servicesEAP courses (English/ESL/ESOL), and Student Life activities!

Students planning to study on a F-1 visa must complete an international student application packet and bring it to campus OR submit it via postal mail (DHL/FedEx/UPS). E-mailed documents are not accepted as they are considered unofficial copies. All documents submitted must be original or certified/official copies of original documents.

Application Deadlines - all required documents must be submitted by this date

Fall Semester (August start date)

  • May 1 for new international students (seeking F-1 visa)
  • July 1 for transfer students (currently studying with active F-1 visa)

Spring Semester (January start date)

  • October 1 for new international students (seeking F-1 visa)
  • December 1 for transfer students (currently studying with active F-1 visa)

NHCC does not offer summer admissions for international degree-seeking students.

Application Requirements

Complete these steps to enroll as an international student:

  1. Apply for Admission

    Complete an International Application Packet with a $20 USD application fee. If you apply online you must still submit all supporting documentation listed in the application packet to complete your application.

    Please mail documents to:
    North Hennepin Community College
    International Admissions
    7411 85th Avenue North
    Brooklyn Park, MN 55445 USA

  2. Submit required documents

    All documents must be original or certified/official copies and received by NHCC's application deadline. Original (paper) documents are required for academic records, financial sponsorship, and proof of English proficiency. You may e-mail copies of immigration documents, the F-1 contract, and immunization form.

    • $20 USD application fee (mail check/money order, pay on-campus by check/cash/card, or online)
    • Original Academic Records (documentation of high school graduation/completion is required)
    • Proof of English Proficiency (required of ALL applicants regardless of home country)
    • Financial Certificate + Original Bank Statement (must be completed/signed by sponsor)
    • F-1 Student Contract
    • Copies of immigration documents (Passport, Visa, I-94 record, current I-20)
    • Immunization Record Form
    • Information Release Form (Optional: Authorizes NHCC to release information to your US contact)

Guide to International Student Visa Process

Study in the States, a U.S. Department of Homeland Security website, has an excellent guide to help you understand the international student visa process:

Are you seeking a change of status to an F-1 visa?

The following resources can help you understand a change of status request:

Note: B visa (visitors) can complete admissions steps while visiting the USA but are not eligible to enroll in college with a B visa. NHCC is currently not providing Initial - Change of Status I-20s to B visa holders due to the current processing delays of change of status requests. B visa holders can still gain admission to NHCC while visiting the USA but must plan to exit the country and apply for a F-1 visa at an embassy in their home country using an Initial I-20

International Transfer Credits

If you completed university courses in another country and would like to request transfer credit, you must order a course-by-course evaluation report from a NACES member credential evaluation service. Suggested evaluation agencies include ECE and WES.