North Hennepin Community College is a great choice for international students (F-1 visa) to begin an associate degree, which is the foundation for a bachelor's degree in the United States. NHCC is part of the Minnesota State system and offers more than 30 associate degree options at a low tuition rate! Benefits of attending NHCC include our international student servicesEAP courses (English/ESL/ESOL), and Student Life activities!

*Note: NHCC's fall semester application deadline for new international students is May 1, 2019. All required documents must be sent to NHCC by this date. This deadline is for applicants that are not currently studying in the US with an active F-1 visa. Transfer F-1 applicants have a July 1st deadline.*

Students planning to study on a F-1 visa must complete an international student application packet and bring it to campus OR submit it via postal mail (DHL/FedEx/UPS). E-mailed documents are not accepted as they are considered unofficial copies. All documents submitted must be original or certified/official copies of original documents.

Application Deadlines - all required documents must be submitted by this date

Fall Semester (August start date)

  • May 1 for new international students (seeking F-1 visa)
  • July 1 for transfer students (currently studying with active F-1 visa)

Spring Semester (January start date)

  • October 1 for new international students (seeking F-1 visa)
  • December 1 for transfer students (currently studying with active F-1 visa)

NHCC does not offer summer admissions for international degree-seeking students.

Application Requirements

Complete these steps to enroll as an international student:

  1. Apply for Admission

    Complete an International Application Packet with a $20 USD application fee. If you apply online you must still submit all supporting documentation listed in the application packet to complete your application.

    Please mail documents to:
    North Hennepin Community College
    International Admissions
    7411 85th Avenue North
    Brooklyn Park, MN 55445 USA

  2. Submit required documents

    All documents must be original or certified/official copies and received by NHCC's application deadline. Original (paper) documents are required for academic records, financial sponsorship, and proof of English proficiency. You may e-mail copies of immigration documents, the F-1 contract, and immunization form.

    • $20 USD application fee (mail check/money order, pay on-campus by check/cash/card, or online)
    • Original Academic Records (documentation of high school graduation/completion is required)
    • Proof of English Proficiency (required of ALL applicants regardless of home country)
    • Financial Certificate + Original Bank Statement (must be completed/signed by sponsor)
    • F-1 Student Contract
    • Copies of immigration documents (Passport, Visa, I-94 record, current I-20)
    • Immunization Record Form
    • Information Release Form (Optional: Authorizes NHCC to release information to your US contact)

Guide to International Student Visa Process

Study in the States, a U.S. Department of Homeland Security website, has an excellent guide to help you understand the international student visa process:

Are you seeking a change of status to an F-1 visa?

The following resources can help you understand a change of status request:

Note: B visa (visitors) can complete admissions steps while visiting the USA but are not eligible to enroll in college with a B visa. NHCC is currently not providing Initial - Change of Status I-20s to B visa holders due to the current processing delays of change of status requests. B visa holders can still gain admission to NHCC while visiting the USA but must plan to exit the country and apply for a F-1 visa at an embassy in their home country using an Initial I-20

International Transfer Credits

If you completed university courses in another country and would like to request transfer credit, you must order a course-by-course evaluation report from a NACES member credential evaluation service. Suggested evaluation agencies include ECE and WES.