Department of Public Safety provides the following non-inclusive list of services:

  • Responses to Medical and other Emergencies
  • Fire and Intrusion Alarm Monitoring and Response
  • Courtesy Vehicle Jump-Starts
  • Crime Prevention Programs
  • Investigations/Lost and Found
  • Safety Escorts
  • Proactive Patrols of all Buildings and Grounds, and On-campus 
  • Special Event Coverage


Refer to 5.11.1.  Parking and Security Fee Policy for more information. 

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Procedures Guide 

Sexual Violence Information 

Title IX

Timely Warning 

Star Alert 

Students and Employees
To receive emergency notifications via personal email, home or work phone and/or text, set up a Star Alert account.

Community Members

If you are not a Student or Employee of NHCC and would like to receive emergency alerts please subscribe to the  Public Alert system.

Annual Security Report (contact Public Safety for a printed copy)

Daily Crime Logs (contact Public Safety for a printed copy or access to prior logs) 


Local Hospitals 

North Memorial Hospital 

Maple Grove Hospital 

Local Law Enforcement

Brooklyn Park Police Department 

Hennepin County Sheriff


The best part is that you too can become a part of Public Safety by simply reporting what you see, hear or observe. Call us at 763-424-0807