Records and Registration staff are available to meet with you by phone, Zoom (video call), or email. Please call or email Records and Registration for any questions or requests. Looking for information on registration?  Below you can find additional information for your registration needs:

If you need to submit an Educational Data Release Form, please read how you can do so while staying FERPA compliant.

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Release of Private Educational Data” under the Records & Registration department list of forms
  3. Log in with your StarID and Password
  4. Complete the form and select “Submit”
  5. If you have any questions please contact the Records and Registration Office.


Important Dates

Need to Know Information

  • You are responsible for your registration, including the financial and academic consequences that result from your schedule.

  • NHCC reserves the right to drop you from courses for which you have not met the prerequisite requirements or have not tested into based on the results from your placement tests.

  • You may not register for more than one section of a class. Students who register for multiple sections of the same course may be subject to discipline and will have their duplicate enrollments cancelled.

  • Classes added through late registration (after the Pell Grant enrollment deadline) are not eligible for the Federal Pell Grant.

  • Degree/Certificate seeking students are able to register for a maximum of 20 credits per semester (Fall/Spring). Summer semester credits for Degree/Certificate seeking student is limited to 12 credits. Students may request to register for additional credits by completing an appeal form, which must be approved by an Academic Advisor.

  • PSEO and special classifications (ie Visiting students, Non-Degree seeking) are able to register for a maximum of 16 credits per semester (Fall/Spring). PSEO students are not able to appeal for additional credits.