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​In this program students will examine gender through many lenses, including history, psychology, sociology, arts and humanities.  They will also gain an understanding of the relationships of power, sexuality, race, class, nationality, religion and age as they intersect with gender.  Students will become familiar with the cultural aspects of gender inequality and oppression.



2021 - 2022

  • Curriculum

    Program Courses
    CoursesTitlesCourse OutlinesGoal AreasCredits
    Course Subject: GCST         Course Number:1501
    Course Title:Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:This course introduces students to the foundations of Gender and Women Studies by examining the diversity of womens experiences throughout history and across cultures, races, ethnic groups and religions. From a social science/humanities perspective, we will explore how factors such as gender, gender identity and sexuality have been shaped by Western society.
    Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies andView-GCST 1501n/a3
    Course Subject: PSYC         Course Number:1160
    Course Title:Introduction to Psychology      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:4

    Course Description:This course provides an in-depth introduction to psychology. Topics may include history of psychology; research methods; physiological psychology; sensation and perception; consciousness; learning; memory; cognition; motivation; emotion; personality; stress, health and coping; abnormal behavior, therapy; social psychology; human development; sexuality; and gender. Students are strongly encouraged to check with an advisor to determine if this is the appropriate course for their degree/program. You must meet perquisites or obtain instructor permission to take this course.
    Introduction to Psychology andView-PSYC 1160n/a4
    Course Subject: PSYC         Course Number:1170
    Course Title:Psychology of Gender      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:Psychology of Gender includes the theory and research relating to sexuality, gender roles and sexual orientation.
    Psychology of Gender andView-PSYC 1170n/a3
    Course Subject: ENGL         Course Number:2350
    Course Title:Women and Literature      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:This course explores women as characters in and writers of literature, including fiction, non-fiction, drama and poetry. The course may also address issues of historical context, gender, class and race as a way of understanding women in literature.
    Women and Literature andView-ENGL 2350n/a3
    Course Subject: HIST         Course Number:1270
    Course Title:Race in America      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:This course investigates the role played by race in the shaping of United States history. We examine the concept of race and the historical relationships in America between those of African, Asian, European, and Native descents. We will examine Reconstruction, the Civil Rights Movement and current racial issues. The goal is to broaden student understanding of United States history by a focused study of its multi-faceted racial relationships throughout the centuries.
    Race in America andView-HIST 1270n/a3
    Course Subject: SOC         Course Number:1110
    Course Title:Introduction to Sociology      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:This course is a study of social and cultural aspects of human behavior. Topics include society and culture, roles and norms, groups and organizations, deviance, inequality, social and cultural change, and research methods.
    Introduction to Sociology andView-SOC 1110n/a3
    Course Subject: PSYC         Course Number:2340
    Course Title:Human Sexuality      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:An overview of past and current research on human sexuality. The course will address: the human sexual response; models and sources of arousal; cultural influences on human sexual behavior and sexual diversity; emotional aspects of sexuality and sexual dysfunction; sexual communication, intimacy, dependency and jealousy; sexual exploration and courting behavior across the life span; atypical behavior, commercialized sex, and sexual coercion. Prerequisite: Psyc 1150
    Human Sexuality andView-PSYC 2340n/a3
    Course Subject: SOC         Course Number:2210
    Course Title:Social Inequality      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:This course considers the social history, current conditions, and future prospects of minority groups in the United States. Topics include racism, sexism, prejudice, discrimination, affirmative action, and other related issues and social policies. Prerequisite: Soc 1110
    Social Inequality andView-SOC 2210n/a3
    Course Subject: COMM         Course Number:1710
    Course Title:Oral Interpretation and Traditions      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:Oral Interpretation and Traditions is an introductory course in the effective oral presentation of written material. Students will analyze and perform literature from a variety of sources that represent different cultures, co-cultures, and ethnicities. Students will also make connections between the cultural implications of oral tradition and performance.
    Oral Interpretation and Traditions andView-COMM 1710n/a3
    Course Subject: PHIL         Course Number:1210
    Course Title:Global Justice, Peace and Conflict      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:This course acquaints the student with the major philosophical and ethical dilemmas arising from conflicts within and between societies, with an effort to promote critical awareness and communication around peace and global justice. From a range of philosophical perspectives, students will consider global conflicts, such as those arising from war, nationalism, immigration, environmental crises, discrimination, terrorism, and global poverty. Students will seek to understand such concepts as justice, tolerance, self-determination, equality, fairness, and governance, in an effort to draw conclusions about causes of and solutions to global crises. Students will consider personal and societal strategies for conflict resolution and nonviolent change.
    Global Justice, Peace and Conflict andView-PHIL 1210n/a3
    Course Subject: ENGL         Course Number:2360
    Course Title:Global Literary Perspectives      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:Students will interpret world literature and film (either in translation or originally written in English) that present culturally diverse voices and viewpoints. Special attention will be given to colonial and postcolonial literatures that reflect the immigrant communities of Twin Cities college campuses, such as Egyptian, Finnish, Ethiopian, Hmong, Icelandic, Iranian, Korean, Liberian, Mexican, Norwegian, Russian, Somali, Swedish, and Vietnamese.
    Global Literary Perspectives andView-ENGL 2360n/a3
    Course Subject: PHIL         Course Number:1010
    Course Title:Introduction to Philosophy      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:This course will introduce students to philosophical inquiry and major problems philosophers think about (including the nature of existence and the difficulty of saying whether any knowledge is certain). Students will be encouraged to question their basic beliefs and recognize their philosophical assumptions. No definite conclusions will be reached.
    Introduction to PhilosophyView-PHIL 1010n/a3
    General Education
    CoursesTitlesCourse OutlinesGoal AreasCredits
    Course Subject: ENGL         Course Number:1200
    Course Title:Gateway College Writing      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:4

    Course Description:This class provides extended practice in critical reading, writing, and thinking skills. Students will develop an effective writing process and work to achieve college-level competence in reading and responding to texts, visuals, events, and ideas in a variety of written formats, with an emphasis on the academic essay. Audience awareness, interpretation and analysis, logical reasoning, and persuasive and argumentative skills will be developed. MLA style documentation of primary sources will be included.
    Gateway College Writing orView-ENGL 1200n/a4
    Course Subject: ENGL         Course Number:1201
    Course Title:College Writing I      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:4

    Course Description:This class provides extended practice in critical reading, writing, and thinking skills. Students will develop an effective writing process and work to achieve college-level competence in reading and responding to texts, visuals, events, and ideas in a variety of written formats, with an emphasis on the academic essay. Audience awareness, interpretation and analysis, logical reasoning, and persuasive and argumentative skills will be developed. MLA style documentation of primary sources will be included.
    College Writing I andView-ENGL 1201n/a4
    Course Subject: ENGL         Course Number:1202
    Course Title:College Writing II      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:2

    Course Description:This class focuses on the research process, textual analysis of primary and secondary sources, rhetorical strategies for argument and persuasion, and successful integration of sources into a longer academic paper utilizing MLA (or other, as appropriate) documentation format. The class may be disciplinary, interdisciplinary, or topical in content, as noted on the class registration site.
    College Writing II andView-ENGL 1202n/a2
    Course Subject: MATH         Course Number:1130
    Course Title:Elementary Statistics      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:This is an introductory course in descriptive statistics, probability, random variables, and inferential statistics. Topics include exploratory data analysis, measures of central tendency and variation, linear regression, binomial and normal distributions, the central limit theorem, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing for one population and two populations. Additional topics may include basic probability, conditional probability, Bayes Theorem, analysis of variance, and chi-squared tests.
    Elementary Statistics andView-MATH 1130n/a3
    Course Subject: BIOL         Course Number:1130
    Course Title:Human Biology with a Lab      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:4

    Course Description:This introductory level course provides students with a one semester overview of the structure and function of the human body. The course is open to all students: however, it does not fulfill the human anatomy and physiology requirement for those who are planning to pursue a career in the health sciences. This course has a laboratory experience and fulfills the requirements for MnTC Goal Area 3. (3 hours lecture, 2 hours lab)Prerequisite: ENGL 0990 or a 78 on the Accuplacer Reading Comprehension
    Human Biology with a LabView-BIOL 1130n/a4
    Natural Science - 1 lab course, 4 credits
    CoursesTitlesCourse OutlinesGoal AreasCredits
    Natural Sciences (Goal Area 3) in a different discipline - 3 credits: ANTH1020(3), BIOL1000(4), BIOL1001(4), BIOL1002(4), BIOL1030(4), BIOL1101(4), BIOL1102(4), BIOL1120(3), BIOL1130(4), BIOL1140(4), BIOL1160(4), BIOL1200(4), BIOL1350(3), BIOL1360(4), BIOL1610(1), BIOL1650(1), BIOL2020(4), BIOL2030(4), BIOL2100(4), BIOL2111(4), BIOL2112(4), BIOL2360(4), CHEM1000(4), CHEM1010(4), CHEM1030(4), CHEM1061(4), CHEM1062(4), GEOG1010(3), GEOL1010(2), GEOL1020(2), GEOL1030(2), GEOL1040(2), GEOL1110(4), GEOL1120(4), GEOL1130(4), GEOL1150(4), GEOL1160(4), GEOL1850(3), GEOL1851(1), NSCI1000(4), NSCI1010(1), NSCI1020(1), NSCI1030(1), NSCI1050(4), NSCI1060(3), NSCI1061(1), NSCI1070(3), NSCI1071(1), NSCI1110(4), NSCI1120(4), PHYS1000(4), PHYS1030(4), PHYS1050(4), PHYS1060(3), PHYS1061(1), PHYS1070(3), PHYS1071(1), PHYS1120(4), PHYS1140(3), PHYS1201(5), PHYS1202(5), PHYS1231(4), PHYS1232(4), PHYS1400(3), PHYS1410(1), PHYS1450(3), PHYS1460(1), PHYS1601(5), PHYS1602(5)
    People and the Environment - 3 credits
    CoursesTitlesCourse OutlinesGoal AreasCredits
    People and the Environment - 1 course: ANTH1020(3), ANTH1130(3), BIOL1030(4), BIOL1160(4), BIOL1200(4), BIOL1600(1), BIOL1610(1), CHEM1000(4), CHEM1010(4), EEVS1140(4), EEVS1150(4), EEVS1160(4), EEVS1170(2), EEVS1180(2), EEVS1190(2), EEVS1200(3), EEVS1201(1), EEVS1210(2), EEVS2000(3), ENGL2340(3), GCST1030(3), GCST1040(3), GCST2320(3), GEOG1010(3), GEOG1190(3), GEOL1010(2), GEOL1020(2), GEOL1030(2), GEOL1040(2), GEOL1120(4), GEOL1150(4), GEOL1160(4), GEOL1850(3), GEOL1851(1), INTD1030(3), INTD1040(3), NSCI1000(4), NSCI1110(4), NSCI1120(4), NSCI1140(4), NSCI1170(2), NSCI1180(2), NSCI1190(2), NSCI1200(3), NSCI1201(1), NSCI1210(2), PHIL1200(3), PHIL1230(3), PSYC1220(3)
    Health or Exercise Science - 4 credits
    CoursesTitlesCourse OutlinesGoal AreasCredits
    Additional Electives, if necessary, for a total of 60 credits:
    CoursesTitlesCourse OutlinesGoal AreasCredits
    Additional courses, if necessary, to reach 60 credits total: ACCT1000(4), ACCT1990(1), ACCT2111(4), ACCT2112(4), ACCT2230(3), ACCT2250(2), ACCT2260(2), ACCT2300(4), ADEV1051(1), ADEV1052(1), ADEV1950(3), ADEV1990(1), ANTH1010(3), ANTH1020(3), ANTH1130(3), ANTH1140(3), ANTH1990(1), ARBC1030(3), ARBC1101(4), ARBC1102(4), ARBC1990(3), ARBC2201(4), ART1040(3), ART1100(2), ART1101(3), ART1102(3), ART1160(3), ART1170(3), ART1270(3), ART1301(3), ART1302(3), ART1310(3), ART1320(3), ART1340(3), ART1361(3), ART1362(3), ART1401(3), ART1402(3), ART1550(2), ART1701(1), ART1702(1), ART1703(1), ART1704(1), ART1705(1), ART1706(1), ART1707(1), ART1708(1), ART1709(1), ART1710(1), ART1750(1), ART1770(3), ART1810(1), ART1820(2), ART1970(1), ART1980(1), ART1990(3), ART2180(3), ART2190(3), ART2300(2), ART2540(3), ART2550(3), ART2561(3), ART2562(3), ART2590(3), ART2601(3), ART2602(3), ART2611(3), ART2612(3), ART2640(3), ART2642(3), ART2740(1), ART2750(1), ART2781(1), ART2782(1), ART2800(1), ART2810(2), ART2820(1), ART2860(1), ART2870(1), ART2900(1), ART2901(3), ART2902(3), ART2970(1), ASL1101(4), ASL1102(4), ASL1300(3), ASL1400(3), ASL1990(1), ASL2201(4), ASL2202(4), BIOL1000(4), BIOL1001(4), BIOL1030(4), BIOL1040(4), BIOL1100(2), BIOL1101(4), BIOL1102(4), BIOL1120(3), BIOL1130(4), BIOL1140(4), BIOL1160(4), BIOL1200(4), BIOL1230(1), BIOL1231(1), BIOL1300(1), BIOL1350(3), BIOL1360(4), BIOL1600(1), BIOL1610(1), BIOL1650(1), BIOL1990(1), BIOL2020(4), BIOL2030(4), BIOL2100(4), BIOL2111(4), BIOL2112(4), BIOL2360(4), BIOL2610(4), BIT1050(3), BIT1100(2), BIT1150(4), BIT1210(2), BIT1250(4), BIT1300(2), BIT1305(2), BIT1310(2), BIT1410(4), BIT1420(2), BIT1600(2), BIT1700(3), BIT1800(2), BIT1805(2), BIT1810(2), BIT1900(3), BIT2000(3), BIT2020(2), BIT2300(2), BIT2400(2), BIT2500(2), BIT2600(2), BIT2650(2), BUS1100(3), BUS1110(3), BUS1210(3), BUS1220(3), BUS1230(3), BUS1300(3), BUS1310(3), BUS1400(3), BUS1410(3), BUS1420(2), BUS1430(2), BUS1440(3), BUS1450(3), BUS1510(3), BUS1610(4), BUS1620(3), BUS1630(4), BUS1640(4), BUS1700(3), BUS1810(4), BUS1990(1), BUS2000(2), BUS2010(3), BUS2100(4), BUS2200(3), BUS2310(3), BUS2600(3), CHEM1000(4), CHEM1010(4), CHEM1030(4), CHEM1061(4), CHEM1062(4), CHEM1990(1), CHEM2061(5), CHEM2062(5), CHEM2073(4), CIS1000(3), CIS1101(3), CIS1102(3), CIS1200(3), CIS1210(3), CIS1220(3), CIS1230(3), CIS1240(3), CIS1250(3), CIS1260(3), CIS1300(1), CIS1310(3), CIS1320(2), CIS1400(3), CIS1500(1), CIS1510(1), CIS1520(1), CIS1530(1), CIS1700(3), CIS1990(1), CIS2010(3), CIS2310(3), CMSV1000(4), CMSV1200(3), CMSV1300(3), CMSV1500(5), CMSV1550(4), CMSV1600(5), CMSV1650(4), CMSV1700(5), CMSV1750(4), CMSV1800(3), CMSV1990(1), CMSV2100(3), CMSV2200(4), CMSV2860(2), CMSV2870(3), CMSV2875(4), CMSV2880(4), CMSV2885(4), CMSV2890(3), CMSV2895(3), CMSV2900(3), COMM1010(3), COMM1110(3), COMM1210(3), COMM1310(3), COMM1410(3), COMM1510(3), COMM1550(2), COMM1610(3), COMM1710(3), COMM1810(3), COMM1910(3), COMM1990(1), CRD1000(3), CRD1010(1), CSCI1000(3), CSCI1020(1), CSCI1025(1), CSCI1030(3), CSCI1035(4), CSCI1040(3), CSCI1050(3), CSCI1120(4), CSCI1130(4), CSCI1150(4), CSCI1180(4), CSCI1990(1), CSCI2001(4), CSCI2002(4), CSCI2010(4), CSCI2011(1), CSCI2020(4), CSCI2030(4), CSCI2050(3), CSCI2060(4), CSCI2100(4), CSCI2400(4), CSCI2500(4), EAP1060(2), EAP1080(2), EAP1230(4), EAP1260(4), EAP1280(4), EAP1990(1), ECON1050(3), ECON1060(3), ECON1070(3), ECON1990(1), EDUC1210(3), EDUC1280(3), EDUC1350(3), EEVS1100(4), EEVS1130(4), EEVS1140(4), EEVS1150(4), EEVS1160(4), EEVS1170(2), EEVS1180(2), EEVS1190(2), EEVS1200(3), EEVS1201(1), EEVS1210(2), EEVS1990(1), EEVS2000(3), ENGL1140(3), ENGL1200(4), ENGL1201(4), ENGL1202(2), ENGL1250(2), ENGL1260(2), ENGL1800(3), ENGL1900(3), ENGL1940(3), ENGL1950(3), ENGL1960(1), ENGL1990(1), ENGL2010(3), ENGL2020(3), ENGL2030(3), ENGL2150(3), ENGL2270(3), ENGL2300(3), ENGL2320(3), ENGL2330(3), ENGL2340(3), ENGL2350(3), ENGL2360(3), ENGL2370(3), ENGL2380(3), ENGL2390(3), ENGL2400(3), ENGL2410(3), ENGL2450(3), ENGL2460(3), ENGL2500(3), ENGL2540(3), ENGL2550(3), ENGL2560(3), ENGL2570(3), ENGL2580(3), ENGL2590(3), ENGL2900(3), ENGL2950(3), ENGL2960(1), ENGR1000(3), ENGR1200(3), ENGR1990(1), ENGR2301(3), ENGR2302(3), ENGR2303(3), ENGR2501(4), ENGR2502(4), ENGR2511(1), ENGR2512(1), ENGX1201(8), ESOL9999(0), EXSC1000(1), EXSC1010(2), EXSC1020(1), EXSC1041(1), EXSC1042(1), EXSC1050(1), EXSC1060(2), EXSC1070(1), EXSC1110(1), EXSC1130(1), EXSC1140(1), EXSC1151(1), EXSC1152(1), EXSC1200(1), EXSC1210(1), EXSC1230(1), EXSC1240(1), EXSC1250(3), EXSC1260(1), EXSC1270(1), EXSC1310(1), EXSC1400(1), EXSC1410(1), EXSC1420(1), EXSC1430(1), EXSC1440(1), EXSC1451(1), EXSC1452(1), EXSC1460(2), EXSC1470(1), EXSC1500(3), EXSC1510(2), EXSC1520(3), EXSC1600(1), EXSC1610(1), EXSC1630(1), EXSC1640(1), EXSC1700(3), EXSC1710(3), EXSC1720(2), EXSC1730(1), EXSC1740(1), EXSC1750(1), EXSC1751(1), EXSC1752(1), EXSC1760(1), EXSC1800(1), EXSC1810(1), EXSC1820(1), EXSC1830(1), EXSC1840(1), EXSC1850(1), EXSC1860(1), EXSC1880(1), EXSC1990(1), EXSC2010(3), EXSC2100(3), EXSC2110(3), EXSC2200(2), EXSC2270(3), EXSC2300(3), EXSC2390(3), EXSC2490(4), EXSC2750(3), FYE1020(2), FYE1990(2), GCST1030(3), GCST1040(3), GCST1100(12), GCST1211(3), GCST1212(3), GCST1213(3), GCST1220(2), GCST1320(3), GCST1490(4), GCST1501(3), GCST1700(3), GCST1978(3), GCST1990(1), GCST2260(3), GCST2320(3), GEOG1000(2), GEOG1010(3), GEOG1040(3), GEOG1100(3), GEOG1190(3), GEOG1990(3), GEOL9999(0), HCCC1010(0.5), HCCC1020(0.5), HCCC1030(1), HCCC1040(0.5), HCCC1050(0.5), HCCC1060(0.5), HCCC1070(0.5), HCCC1100(4), HIST1010(3), HIST1020(3), HIST1030(3), HIST1110(3), HIST1120(3), HIST1130(3), HIST1140(3), HIST1200(3), HIST1210(3), HIST1270(3), HIST1990(1), HIST2500(3), HIST2600(3), HIST2700(3), HIST2900(3), HLTH1000(2), HLTH1010(3), HLTH1030(3), HLTH1040(3), HLTH1050(3), HLTH1060(3), HLTH1070(3), HLTH1080(3), HLTH1100(3), HLTH1250(3), HLTH1600(3), HLTH1900(3), HLTH1990(1), HLTH2020(3), HLTH2030(3), HLTH2040(3), HLTH2060(3), HLTH2070(3), HLTH2080(3), HLTH2090(3), HONR1000(1), HONR2000(1), HONR2010(1), HONR2020(1), HONR2030(1), HONR2900(1), HSER1100(3), HSER1200(3), HSER1300(3), HSER1400(3), HSER1500(3), HSER1600(2), HSER1700(3), HSER1800(3), HSER1900(3), HSER2100(1), HSER2101(6), HTN1000(1), HTN1001(4), HTN1002(2), HTN2003(3), HTN2100(4), HTN2150(2), HTN2200(1), HTN2300(12), INTD2260(3), MATH1010(3), MATH1031(3), MATH1032(3), MATH1090(4), MATH1130(3), MATH1140(3), MATH1150(3), MATH1170(4), MATH1180(5), MATH1200(3), MATH1210(4), MATH1221(5), MATH1222(5), MATH1990(1), MATH2000(4), MATH2010(3), MATH2220(5), MATH2300(4), MATH2400(4), MLT1000(1), MLT1100(2), MLT1200(1), MLT1250(2), MLT1990(1), MLT2050(4), MLT2080(4), MLT2100(4), MLT2150(3), MLT2310(1), MLT2320(2), MLT2330(1), MLT2340(1), MLT2350(2), MLT2360(2), MLT2380(2), MUSC1130(1), MUSC1131(0), MUSC1150(1), MUSC1160(1), MUSC1161(0), MUSC1170(1), MUSC1180(1), MUSC1190(2), MUSC1200(3), MUSC1220(3), MUSC1241(3), MUSC1242(3), MUSC1251(2), MUSC1252(2), MUSC1300(3), MUSC1350(3), MUSC1501(2), MUSC1502(2), MUSC1510(1), MUSC1600(2), MUSC1610(1), MUSC1801(2), MUSC1802(2), MUSC1810(1), MUSC1830(1), MUSC1850(1), MUSC1860(1), MUSC1870(1), MUSC1990(1), MUSC2010(2), MUSC2170(3), MUSC2180(3), MUSC2241(3), MUSC2242(3), MUSC2251(2), MUSC2252(2), MUSC2970(1), NSCI1000(4), NSCI1010(1), NSCI1020(1), NSCI1030(1), NSCI1050(4), NSCI1060(3), NSCI1061(1), NSCI1070(3), NSCI1071(1), NSCI1100(4), NSCI1110(4), NSCI1120(4), NSCI1140(4), NSCI1170(2), NSCI1180(2), NSCI1190(2), NSCI1200(3), NSCI1201(1), NSCI1210(2), NSCI1990(1), NURS1000(1), NURS1001(4), NURS1990(1), NURS2010(1), NURS2700(9), NURS2720(4), NURS2750(2), NURS2800(7), NURS2820(3), NURS2850(2), NURS2900(7), NURS2920(2), NURS2950(3), PHIL1010(3), PHIL1020(3), PHIL1030(3), PHIL1040(3), PHIL1050(3), PHIL1060(3), PHIL1070(3), PHIL1110(3), PHIL1200(3), PHIL1210(3), PHIL1220(3), PHIL1990(1), PHYS1000(4), PHYS1030(4), PHYS1050(4), PHYS1060(3), PHYS1061(1), PHYS1070(3), PHYS1071(1), PHYS1120(4), PHYS1140(3), PHYS1201(5), PHYS1202(5), PHYS1220(2), 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                                   Total Credits Required60

  • Career Opportunities

    ​Information on careers, including salary and employment outlook data, is available on the iseek and Bureau of Labor Statistics websites: and

  • Transfer Information

    ​If you are planning on transferring to another institution, follow the guidelines available on our transfer resources web page to help you plan the process: Transfer Information

  • Degree Information

    The Associate of Arts (A.A.) is awarded for successful completion of 60 credits and is designed to constitute the first two years of a liberal arts bachelor degree program. An A.A. degree includes the entire 40 credit Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) as the general education requirement. Students may also choose to concentrate in a particular field of study in preparation for a planned major or professional emphasis at a fouryear college by following the premajor requirement of the desired transfer institution in addition to the MnTC and A.A. requirements.

    A student shall:

    • Earn a minimum of 60 semester credits.
    • Earn a grade point average of 2.00 (C) or higher in courses taken at North Hennepin Community College.
    • Earn a minimum of 20 semester credits of the 60 semester credits required for the A.A. Degree at NHCC.
    • Complete the general education distribution requirement listed in the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum. The student shall select general education (MnTC) courses numbered 1000 or above to complete a minimum of 40 credits.
    • Have four years in which to complete their work under the terms of the catalog in effect at the time of their first enrollment.
    • Students taking more than four years to complete their graduation requirements may follow any catalog in effect during the fouryear period preceding their date of graduation.

    Required A.A. Degree Course Distribution:

    • Complete 40 credits in the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum satisfying the requirements for each of the 10 goal areas.
    • Complete at least 2 credits for the Wellness requirement from either Health (all courses) or Physical Education (all courses).

    If the student intends to transfer, he/she is encouraged to work with an advisor to fulfill requirements for transfer to the other institution.

    Completion of an A.A. degree fulfills the Goal Area 2 requirement of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC).

    Developmental CoursesSome students may need preparatory course(s) in Math and/or English. Courses numbered below 1000 will not apply toward a degree.

    Equal Opportunity Employer and Disability Access InformationNorth Hennepin Community College is a member of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system and an equal opportunity employer and educator. This document is available in alternative formats to individuals with disabilities by calling 7634930555 or through the Minnesota Relay Service at 18006273529.

  • Accreditation

    North Hennepin Community College is accredited by the:
    Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
    30 N. LaSalle Street, Suite 2400
    Chicago, IL 60602-2504