Upcoming Events:

NHCC is celebrating National Voter Registration Day on September 25, from from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Campus Center. Join us to register to vote, try out a mock voting booth, find your polling place and more. Materials are available in multiple languages and Student Senate will be available to answer any of your election or voter information questions. 



Step 1: Decide where you reside

You can only vote from the address where you “reside.” Your residence is the place you consider your home, from which you have no current intent to move. As a college student, if you consider your campus residence as your home, you may vote at that address, but if you consider your family’s address, or some other address as your home, you must vote from that address. Of course, you can only vote from one address in each election.

Step 2: Register to Vote

Before Election Day
To register online, go to the Secretary of State's registration page. The deadline to register online is 11:59pm up to 21 days before Election Day. 

To register on paper, you can download a Voter Registration Application at the Minnesota Secretary of State website or pick one up at at the Student Senate Office (CC 232) or the Student Life Office (CC 101). 

Complete the Voter Registration Application and turn it in at the Student Life or Student Senate Offices (Sept 17-26), or return it to the MN Secretary of State’s Office  between now and October 14th (address on the back of the application). We encourage students to register to vote between September 17th and September 26th (National Voter Registration Day). During this week, there will be tabling and events across campus with registration applications available and we will deliver your applications during this time frame only.

On Election Day
In Minnesota, you also have the right to register and vote on Election Day when you provide proof of residence. Information about registering on Election Day is also found on the Minnesota Secretary of State website. For students, proofs of residence can include:

  • A valid Minnesota driver’s license, Minnesota ID card or permit with your current address
  • If your Minnesota ID has an old address, you can use it or your college or university ID in combination with another document that has your current address, including a student fee statement, a utility bill, or a rent statement from your landlord that itemizes utilities
  • A voter registered in the same precinct as you who can confirm your address with a signed oath, also known as a “voucher.”  

Reminder: You must re-register each time you change addresses, change names, or do not vote at least once during a four-year period. Update your registration by completing a new registration application. 

Step 3: Vote

In-Person Voting
Find your polling place and voting hours on the Minnesota Secretary of State website. On Election Day, go to your polling place and cast your vote.

Absentee Student Voting
If you are going to be somewhere other than your residence on Election Day, you can still vote by absentee ballot. Absentee ballot applications and instructions are available at the Minnesota Secretary of State website.

If you are going to be out of the country or studying abroad on the day of the elections, you can still vote in Minnesota. Visit the Minnesota Secretary of State website for information and resources related to overseas voting.


Additional Voter Information