Student Code of Conduct & NHCC Mobile App 

North Hennepin Community College wants to promote a friendly, informative and enjoyable online experience for users of the new NHCC App. As such, any content and comments violating our Student Code of Conduct will be removed as soon as possible. Use of this mobile app is governed under the campus Student Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure (3.6 &3.6.1) as well as the Acceptable Use of Computers Policy and Procedure (5.22 & 5.22.1). These policies are located here.

Use of the app in the following manner is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct (except from procedure 5.22.1)

6. Users must not engage in inappropriate uses, including:

      a. Activities that violate state or federal law or regulation;
      b. Wagering or betting;
      c. Harassment, threats to or defamation of others, stalking, and/or illegal discrimination;
      d. Fund-raising, private business, or commercial activity, unless it is related to the mission of the system or its colleges and universities. Mission related activities are determined by the college, university, or system office, and include activities of authorized campus or system-sponsored organizations;
      e. Storage, display, transmission, or intentional or solicited receipt of material that is or may be reasonably regarded as obscene, sexually explicit, or pornographic, including any depiction, photograph, audio recording, video or written word, except as such access relates to the academic pursuits of a system student or professional activities of a system employee; and
      f. “Spamming” through widespread dissemination of unsolicited and unauthorized email messages.

Violation of the Student Code of Conduct is subject to an investigation with the Conduct Department. If you have any concerns please contact our Conduct Department.