Here are some simple measures faculty can take to reduce the amount of cheating that occurs their classrooms:

  • Don't leave the room during exams. This may be construed by students as an invitation to cheat. Stay and monitor your students for the entire time.
  • Do not allow electronic devices like cell phones and PDAs to be present on exam day. Students can use them to access answers and to contact friends for help during tests.
  • Change your tests every semester. Do not give the same test year after year.
  • Create assignments and exams that require creativity and original thought, as opposed to multiple choice and True-False tests
  • Give written or oral pop quizzes in class.
  • Distribute more than one exam to each class. This way, a student cannot copy answers off his neighbor's paper.
  • Be proactive in preventing cheating. At the beginning of each semester, let your students know that academic integrity is important and that cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated in your classroom. Have your students sign an NHCC Academic Integrity Statement at the beginning of the semester.