GPA: The average of a student’s grades calculated by the numerical value of a grade multiplied by the credit hours for a course divided by the number of credits attempted with a grade A-F (A=4 points; B=3 points; C=2 points; D=1 point; F=0 points). NHCC's GPA CALCULATOR

Articulation agreements: Formal agreements between two or more institutions that specify how your credits will transfer into specialized professional programs, such as AS, AAS, or AFA degrees.

MNTC: 40 semester credits of general education. The MnTC must transfer, by law, to any institution within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system (MnSCU) or the Uni-versity of Minnesota.

Tranfer Guides: developed by other institutions, which provide information about how your NHCC credits will transfer into their specific programs or majors

Completion Rate: The percentage of a students cummulative credits which have been completed successfully. To figure out your completion rate, you divide the credits earned by credits attempted and multiply by 100. Satisfactory Academic Progress requires that Completion Rate must be at or above 67%. NHCC Completion rate Calculator

Withdraw (W): A course withdraw is allowed after the add/drop period has ended and through approximately 80% of the term/course (exact date provided for each class on the course schedule). Financial and acdemic obligations still apply.

Incomplete (I): An Incomplete ...

Failiure for Non-attendance (FN):









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Pell Grant Enrollment Deadline:  Pell Grant eligible students must be registered for all classes by the Pell Grant enrollment deadline in order to recieve Pell grant for those credits. (See the NHCC calandar for the current and upcoming semesters Pell Enrollment Deadline)