In Person 

Payments can be made in person at the Accounting & Fees Office.

NHCC accepts cash, check, money-order, Visa*, MasterCard*, and Discover.*

*All credit card purchases require the cardholder's signature. NHCC does not accept credit card payment by phone.

Online (Credit/Debit Card or E-Check)   

Credit/Debit Card and E-Check payments can be made on-line through e-Services.         

  1. Login to your student account thru e-Services.
  2. Choose Bills and Payment and Make Payments
  3. Choose the Payment toward Specific Charges tab to direct your payment to the correct term and/or charges
  4. Check Pay Account Balance to pay in full (please see payment plan options if not paying in full**)
  5. Confirm the payment is being applied to the correct term and/or charges and select Payment Preference (E-Check or Credit/Debit Card)
  6. Click Pay Now
  7. You will be directed to US Bank's website to complete your transaction (verify you do not have a pop-up blocker on)
  8. You will receive a payment confirmation number, please keep for your records

**It will be assumed that a student is selecting the NHCC Tuition Payment Plan option by making a payment equal to $300 or 15% of the balance, and a $30 non-refundable payment plan fee will be assessed to the student's account if the balance is not paid in full by the 25th business day of the term.

By Mail (Check or Money Order)

Payments by check or money order can be mailed to (be sure to include your Student ID#):

North Hennepin Community College
Accounting & Fees (ES41)
7411 85th Ave N
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445

Payments must be received by the due date (please allow for USPS delivery). 

NHCC Tuition Payment Plan (self-monitored) 

The Tuition Payment Plan contract is available online or at the Accounting & Fees office*          

  • A required minimum down payment of $300 or 15% of the balance (whichever is less), and a non-refundable $30 payment plan fee are due with the contract.
  • Final NHCC Tuition Plan due dates are available in the calendar.

*Payment plan contracts may be submitted in person or by mail - faxed contracts will not be accepted. The payment plan does not provide the option of book charging.

Nelnet Payment Plan 

Nelnet Business Solutions, Inc. operates as an external payment plan provider. Participants arrange for automatic monthly payments that can be withdrawn from your checking or savings account.  

You may register for this payment within your e-Services account under Bills and Payment; Payment Plan.

If you add or drop classes after enrolling in a Nelnet payment plan, please contact the Accounting & Fees office at  to update your plan. Please provide this notification at least 10 days before your next payment date.

Students enrolled in the Nelnet may charge books at the NHCC Bookstore, stop by the Accounting & Fees office for a voucher.

Questions? Contact the Accounting & Fees office for more information. 

Financial Aid or Scholarships

Your registration will not be canceled if:     

  • Your FAFSA has been received by NHCC.
  • A private scholarship check or authorization has been received by the Accounting & Fees office.  

Third Party

Third party authorization refers to an outside agency or organization that has authorized (committed) to pay your tuition, fees and/or book costs.

Tuition reimbursement programs, such as an employer who requires a paid invoice or proof of grades to generate reimbursement, are not considered to be third party. Students eligible for tuition reimbursement programs are required to make payment directly to NHCC, and then seek reimbursement from their employer or sponsor.