What is Realities?

Realities is a non-fiction collection of writings that are narratives of significant life-encounters crossing cultural boundaries. As such, the publication accepts for consideration accounts from NHCC students from International and United States cultures. It's published once a year in the spring semester. However, writings from NHCC students will be accepted any time during the fall semester and up to the deadline in the spring semester. Writers of all levels are encouraged to participate.

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Past Editions

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Realities 2018 edition.

Realities 2017 edition.

Realities 2016 edition.

Realities 2015 edition

Realities 2014 edition.

Realities 2013 edition.

Realities 2012 edition.

Realities 2011 edition.

Realities 2010 edition.

Narrative Manuscripts

The nature of the writings may capture reflections, insights, or observations that in some way reveal experiences of cultural difference, connection, celebration, or conflict. The writings may have themes of prosperity, poverty, war, peace, sadness, joy, sickness, recovery; they may be humorous or serious.

Editors will be available to work with you on your writing prior to publication. The suggested length is anywhere from a ½ page to 3 pages. Some longer pieces may be considered. The subject matter is open. If your manuscript is chosen for publication, a North Hennepin Community College faculty member may work with you to make editing changes or corrections needed to strengthen your writing.

All narratives submitted should be part of the record of the breadth and depth of human experience while preserving and promoting an elastic understanding that softens hard-casted definitions of what it means to be human.

  • Topic Ideas

    Some interesting topics may include:

    • Descriptions of serving, working, or studying in a country outside the U.S.
    • Traditions, ceremonies, rites, celebrations, and rituals, including marriage, funerals, and special holidays
    • Feasts and foods
    • Insights into political situations and events
    • Experiences of living in the U.S
    • Learning to speak another language or dialect
    • Issues related to growing up in more than one culture (bilingual families, for example)
    • Elders and younger generations
    • Religious and spiritual practices
    • Roles of men and women in different cultures
    • Childhood memories of your home country
    • Writing about art or artists from various cultural backgrounds (dance, music, literature, visual arts, or film)
    • Stories about how your family immigrated to the U.S.
    • Refugee stories
    • Stories told to you by your elders; interviews with elders
    • What it is like to be a U.S. citizen (of whatever background) living abroad for a period of time
    • Issues related to citizenship
    • Studies of geology, fauna, flora, geography

Submission Instructions

Submit your manuscript with cover page as an electronic file (.doc, docx, or .rft only) attached to an email addressed to Realities@nhcc.edu. To be sure we properly receive your email, type "Submission" on the subject line of your email.

Paper copies of your manuscript will not be accepted.

Your cover page should include:

  • your name
  • address
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • a brief biographical statement--personal background like where you and your parents are from, where you have lived/traveled, what languages you speak, how long you have been at NHCC and what program you are pursuing, your likes: ice cream flavor, music, subject, hangout place, books, activity, and so on.
  • title of your narrative

Submission Eligibility

Current students at North Hennepin Community College may submit their non-fiction writings (personal essays, memoirs, and observations). Students must be enrolled in at least one of the two semesters for the academic year in which Realities is published.

Submission Deadline

To be announced.