Procedure Information

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Number: 6.12.1

Name: Facilities Use Procedure

Effective Date: 26 May 2021

Next Review Date: AY2025-2026

Regulatory Authority:

Part 1. Types of Events or Activities.

Subpart A. College or Department Meetings

College or department meetings are meetings that occur within the normal scope of College business.

Subpart B. College Event

A college event is an event or activity that is driven or initiated by the College and is considered to be within the normal scope of the College's mission and for the benefit of the College, its students or employees. College events may include external speakers or organizations invited by the event organizer. College events may be initiated by the administration, a department or an academic unit. The President or designee must approve all College events.

Subpart C. Co-Sponsored Event

A co-sponsored event is an event in which an external party requests sponsorship by the college for the event so that the event can occur on the college campus. College employees interested in obtaining co-sponsorship for an external organization should contact their supervisor. Co-sponsored events must provide some benefit to the college, its students or employees and must be approved in advance by the President or designee. Co-sponsored events are subject to liability insurance requirements as detailed in Subpart G.

Subpart D. Student Club Meetings, Activities, or Events

Students, student clubs, and student organizations have the privilege of being able to use College facilities for club meetings, student events, or activities and special events.

  1. Club Meetings – Students have the right to use College space at no cost for club meetings. Club meetings are intended for the club membership and for the purpose of club activity or business. Student clubs may request a dedicated room or space for usage on a semester basis. These requests will be reviewed based on the unique needs of the student club and the availability of facilities resources. The College reserves the right to cancel a dedicated room reservation at any time.
  2. Student Events/Activities – Students have the right to assemble in groups of fewer than 50, to select speakers, to set up informational tables and to present information on issues of their choice. For these types of student events or activities, students must get permission from the Student Life Department three days prior to events or activities. The Student Life Department reserves the right to assignment of areas where students may assemble events or activities. The Student Life Department also reserves the right to approve or disapprove any request for events or activities that violate any parts of the Facilities Use Procedure, 6.12.1
  3. Special Events - Under no circumstances will a special event be allowed with less than two weeks’ notice. The Student Life Department reserves the right to assignment of areas where students may host special events. A student special event is one that meets any of the following criteria:
    1. is open to the public
    2. is for a group of more than 50 people
    3. charges admission
    4. is scheduled outside of the College's normal business hours
    5. is co-sponsored with an external organization

Subpart E. External Event

An external event is a meeting or other activity conducted solely by an external party and solely for the benefit of the external party's members or event participants. External events are subject to liability insurance requirements as detailed in Subpart G.

Part 2. General Guidelines.

Subpart A. Non-Permissible Use

The College will not enter into occupancy agreements for the use of its facilities for events or programs by non-College entities whose purpose for the request is:

  • Revenue generation
  • The sale, solicitation, or promotion of goods or services
  • Gambling
  • Adult entertainment
  • Commercial purposes
  • The promotion of alcohol, tobacco, or controlled substances

Subpart B. Alcohol Use

Pursuant to the policy of the MnSCU Board of Trustees, the possession, use, sale, or distribution of alcoholic beverages and 3.2% malt liquor at North Hennepin Community College is prohibited, unless specifically approved by the President.

Subpart C. Smoking and Tobacco Use

North Hennepin Community College is a smoke free campus. Exceptions are made for approved cultural ceremonies, instruction, and fine arts events. The full Smoking and Tobacco Use policy can be found online at

Subpart D. Use of College Facilities by Non-College Groups

Organizations eligible to use College facilities:

  • Not-for-profit, educationally oriented associations and organizations
  • Local, county, and state agencies and organizations
  • Organizations that meet on campus and enhance the relationship between the College and the community or enhance the educational mission of the College
  • Organizations that provide a community service and their use of College facilities do not compete with area business

All non-sponsored, non-college organizations, groups, and individuals may be required to identify themselves and any products, information, or materials distributed as being neither sponsored by, nor endorsed by the College. Prominent display of this disclaimer may be required at all times for the duration of the facilities use.

All non-sponsored non-college organizations, groups, and individuals must stay at their assigned location. Soliciting, reaching out to people, shouting at people, or moving away from the assigned location to distribute materials is prohibited.

Subpart E. Long-Term or Continued Use

Long-term or continued use of College facilities requires a lease agreement approved by the Vice President for Finance and Facilities or designee(s).

Subpart F. Room Rates and Service Fees

Room rates and/or service fee charges may be incurred and the rates will depend on the type of event. NHCC does not differentiate between and among non-profit, civic intent, religious, government, school district, and for-profit groups. All groups are charged the same room rates and/or service fees. College-sponsored student organizations are not charged. On occasion, the College will sponsor non-college organizations and therefore, will not charge those organizations.

The College reserves the right to have, at its sole discretion and at the expense of the College group or department, its own security, facilities personnel, or other College personnel present at any event. Service fees incurred as a result of having these services present at the event may be billed to the sponsoring department or external organization. Additional charges may be applied to any event that takes place outside of the normal business hours.

The room rates and services fee charges can be found on the North Hennepin Community College Room Rates and Service Fees document.

Subpart G. Liability Insurance

The facility user shall carry commercial general liability insurance as indicated below:

  • Commercial General Liability: (minimum limits)
  • Each Occurrence - $2,000,000
  • Products/Completed Operations Aggregate - $2,000,000
  • Personal and Advertising Injury - $2,000,000
  • General Aggregate - $2,000,000

North Hennepin Community College must be named as an additional insured with respect to their liability arising out of the facility user's activities.

Part 3. Procedures for Reserving Space at NHCC.

This procedure is intended to facilitate responsible stewardship of institutional resources. Any person or organization using College facilities must adhere to applicable College policies and procedures and to federal, state and local statues, regulations, and ordinances. Groups that misrepresent an event or affiliation in order to avoid fees and charges will be charged appropriately and may have their reservation privileges suspended.

Subpart A. Faculty and Staff Requests

Faculty and staff requesting the use of College facilities for a College or department sponsored event or activity must complete the Event Proposal Form found on SharePoint. When submitting this form, all equipment, technology, facility, catering, and security needs must be included. The facilities coordinator will strive to assign the room or type of room preferred. Once a room is assigned, it will be listed on SharePoint. Contact the facilities coordinator in the Educational Services building at 763-424-0888 with any questions or concerns.

If the described activity appears to be an external or co-sponsored event or activity, the facilities coordinator will contact the requestor and identify the appropriate room rate and any additional requirements or service fees.

North Hennepin Community College employees may not use college facilities for non-work-related activities except as available to the general public and consistent with this procedure.

Subpart B. Student Requests

Students who need to reserve space for a meeting, student event/activity, or a special event, must contact a representative from the Student Life Office. The Director of Student Life must approve prior to any event or activity on campus. The Student Life Office will then work with the facilities coordinator to reserve the requested space. No on-campus activity will be permitted without following this procedure.

  1. Club meetings/activities: Requests for room for the purpose of club meetings or closed-club activities must be made at least three days prior to the meeting date. Requests for dedicated space for a club meeting or closed-club activity must be made within the first week of the semester and will be reviewed based on the unique needs of the club and the availability of college facilities.
  2. Student Events or Activities: Requests for space for a student event or activity as defined above must be made three days prior to the scheduled event.
  3. Special Events: Student clubs are encouraged to make requests for space for a special event as far in advance as possible. In no circumstances will a special event be allowed with less than two weeks’ notice. The College cannot guarantee the availability of space for a special event. However, decisions about space reservations will be made on a viewpoint neutral basis.

Subpart C. External Organizations Requests

External organizations interested in utilizing College facilities must contact the facilities coordinator at 763-424-0888.

Subpart D. Confirmations

The facilities coordinator will confirm requested reservations by fax, mail, or e-mail within two (2) business days. The reserving group’s contact person will be required to sign the lease agreement agreeing to NHCC policies and procedures and return the confirmation to the facilities coordinator within two (2) business days of receipt. At the time of signing the confirmation, no changes to event details can be guaranteed.

Subpart E. Cancellations or No-Shows

The facilities coordinator reserves the right to impose a cancellation fee if written notice to cancel a space is not submitted at least (5) working days prior to the event and for all no shows on reservations where physical labor has been expended.

Part 4. Special Services.

Subpart A. Technology

Computers, projectors, internet access, and document cameras are provided in the majority of rentable rooms. Organizations desiring specialized technology equipment must either make their own arrangements for such equipment and operators or contract these services from the NHCC Academic and Technology Services department.

Events and rentals requiring other than standard equipment and technology support may be charged additional service fees in accordance to the amount of time required to support the event. Scheduling and payments for personnel are in accordance with existing labor contracts.

Subpart B. Catering

NHCC contracts with an outside hospitality service provider to provide food, beverage, and catering services. The provider must be contacted at least five days prior to an event to ensure proper planning and product availability. The provider can be contacted at or 763-488-0300. A catering guide can be accessed online at

The hospitality service provider will set up and deliver the food and beverages, as well as pick up all catering at the conclusion of an event.

Subpart C. Custodial and Room Configuration

Room arrangements and special custodial support is coordinated through the physical plant. As indicated in the standard lease agreement, renters are responsible for cleaning the rented area. Routine set-up requirements (i.e. additional tables, etc.) are considered part of the room rates.

Events and rentals requiring other than normal set-up and custodial support may be charged additional service fees in accordance to the amount of time required to support the event. Scheduling and payments for personnel are in accordance with existing labor contracts.

Subpart D. Public Safety

Public Safety officers are responsible to ensure rented room(s) are opened prior to and secured following an event. Certain events may require additional security.

Events and rentals requiring Public Safety support may be charged additional service fees in accordance to the amount of time required to support the event. Scheduling and payments for personnel are in accordance with existing labor contracts.

Subpart E. Parking

Parking is provided and is included in the cost of the rental. Parking passes are not required except in designated, marked locations. Special parking needs may be arranged prior to an event by contacting the facilities coordinator.

Subpart F. Invoicing

Invoices are sent for payment on a quarterly basis utilizing an invoice form with an itemized listing of costs. In addition, on a separate quick reference log, all invoices are assigned a number based on the fiscal year. Three (3) invoices are prepared at the time of billing; one for the renter, one for the facilities use file, and one for the Accounting and Fees Office.

Subpart G. Accounts Receivable

All renters are invoiced by the facilities coordinator and all payments are sent to the Accounting and Fees Office. The Accounting and Fees Office will perform any additional correspondence necessary for non-payment.

Part 5. Public Forums, Demonstrations, and Protests.

First Amendment principles, Minnesota State Statutes, and College Policy 3.1, Student Rights and Responsibilities acknowledge and affirm the rights of individuals to petition peacefully and in an orderly manner. The following are keeping with these principles and rights.

Subpart A. General Guidelines

  1. The College permits peaceful demonstrations and protests for the purpose of attracting attention to specific causes and to express grievances.
  2. Sponsors of demonstrations or protests must secure a facility use permit and notify the facilities coordinator at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled activity.
  3. Peaceful demonstrations and protests so registered will be permitted in specific indoor and/or outdoor areas as designated by the facilities coordinator or Vice President of Student Affairs. Such activity is not permitted inside academic buildings, offices, classrooms, or laboratories.
  4. At no time shall a demonstration or protest block individuals from proper and lawful access to and egress from College buildings and facilities.
  5. The College will intervene in the conduct of demonstrations when statutes are violated, when others are deprived of their rights, or when operations of the College are disrupted.
  6. Students who violate the Student Code of Conduct in the course of a demonstration or protest may be subject to disciplinary action under the student conduct system as well as penalties under applicable state laws. Minnesota Statute Section 624.72 addresses the issue of demonstrations and states that, "Whoever, intentionally, or through coercion, force or intimidation, denies or interferes with the lawful right of another to the free access to or egress from or to use or remain in or upon public property or in a like manner interferes with the transaction of public business therein or thereon may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than one year or a fine of not more than $3,000 or both."
  7. The facilities coordinator shall approve applications properly completed unless there is reason to believe:
    1. The facility is inadequate or inappropriate for the planned event.
    2. The organization is under disciplinary penalty prohibiting its use of College facilities.
    3. The proposed use includes an activity that would violate state law, city ordinance, or College policy.
    4. The proposed use would constitute an immediate or potential danger to the peace or security of the College that available law enforcement officers could not control or would disrupt or disturb other scheduled programs.
    5. The proposed activity would constitute an unauthorized or perceived joint sponsorship with a private individual or organization.

Subpart B. Time, Place, and Manner

The time, place, and manner of exercising speech on the campus are subject to regulations adopted by College administration. Orderly conduct, non-interference with College functions and activities, identification of sponsoring groups or individuals is required. In most cases, groups or individuals who are not officially recognized by the North Hennepin Student Senate will be directed to specific locations, e.g., public sidewalks, where they may protest or demonstrate. Outdoor sound amplification will be permitted only with the advance approval of the President or their designee.

Subpart C. Disruption of Academic or Operational Functions

Students have the right to freedom of speech, peaceful assembly, petition, and association that is accorded to all persons by the Constitution. Students and student organizations may examine and discuss all questions of interest to them and express opinion publicly as well as privately. They may support causes by lawful means that do not disrupt the operations of the College or the operations of organizations authorized to use College facilities.

When an activity first occurs that interferes with the academic or operational functions of the college, every attempt will be made to resolve the matter through voluntary compliance, cooperation, and the exercise of restraint by all parties involved. If the disruptive activity continues, the President or designee shall take the following steps:

  1. Those persons engaged in the disruptive behavior shall be asked to identify themselves.
  2. If activities (protests/demonstrations) are occurring that are threatening to the safety of the participants and arrests appear to be warranted, the arrests will be made only after the Director of Public Safety or designee has consulted with the President or designee providing:
    1. there is an opportunity to do so; and,
    2. there is no immediate safety threat to participants.
  3. The Director of Public Safety or designee shall advise them of their legal obligations, urge them to stop the disruptive activity, and give them notice according to the state and local laws. If those individuals refuse to identify themselves or refuse to stop the disruption, the Brooklyn Park police will be called.
  4. Individuals engaged in disruptive behaviors who refuse to identify themselves or who refuse to stop the disruption shall also be subject to summary suspension from the College. They shall be informed by the Vice President of Student Affairs or designee as to the process for violations of the NHCC Student Code of Conduct.

Part 6. Exceptions.

Any exceptions to this policy and procedure require the written approval of the College President or their designee(s).

Part 7. Naming Buildings, Sites, and Common Areas.

Background checks may be initiated before naming any facility after an individual. The college is not required to use the name of an individual in naming.

Subpart A: Existing Locations

  1. Interior Rooms: Naming of interior rooms is open to the discretion of the College President or their designee. The process should generally follow the guidelines set forth in Minnesota State. Board Policy 6.8 and procedure 6.8.1, however Minnesota State approval is not required. In addition, interior rooms may carry the name of an individual who is associated with the College.
  2. Conference Rooms: New conference rooms may be named for a donor whose gift constitutes at least seventy-five percent of the cost of construction based on the cost per square foot.
  3. Laboratories and Classrooms: Naming of existing laboratories may occur with a gift of at least fifty-one percent of the cost of new equipment for the lab or a cash gift of at least seventy-five percent of the construction of new lab facilities (based on the cost per square foot of constructing the new facility). This name will exist for a period of three years.
    1. A commitment to upgrade the lab equipment at fifty-one percent of the total cost will maintain the donor’s naming rights every three years for six years (equivalent to nine years total naming commitment).
    2. New classrooms may be named for a donor whose gift equals at least seventy-five percent of the cost of construction based on the cost per square foot.

Subpart B: New Construction & Renovations

  1. Newly-built, privately-funded facilities may be considered for naming as designated by the donor with a gift of at least two-thirds of the total project cost.
  2. Newly-built, state-funded facilities may be considered for naming with a cash gift equal to fifty-one percent of the total project cost.
  3. Renovation projects that cost at least $200,000 may be named for a donor whose gift equals at least fifty-one percent of the total project cost.

Subpart C: Open Spaces, Common Areas, Gardens, and Gathering Places

The naming of campus outdoor locations is possible if a cash financial contribution underwrites a minimum of fifty-one percent of the cost of creating and maintaining such an area. The college administration, including buildings and grounds staff, shall determine if the maintenance of such a site is excessive or deemed unwise. The college may choose to name these areas in recognition of significant institutional leadership, community leadership, or other leadership deemed appropriate.

Subpart D: Unrestricted Recognition

With the donor's permission, the college may choose to recognize a donor who makes an unrestricted gift, other significant capital gift, or significant impact on the college by naming a physical space in honor of this donor. This recognition is appropriate even though the donor's gift did not directly support the project for which he/she is honored.

Part 8. Campus Review

Review Action: Date(s)

Campus Community Review Period: 5 Mar 2021–26 Mar 2021

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Review: 3 May 2021

AFSCME Review: 5 Apr 2021–14 May 2021

MAPE Review: 5 Apr 2021–14 May 2021

MMA Review: 5 Apr 2021–14 May 2021

Shared Governance Council Review: 14 May 2021

Student Senate Review: 29 April 2021

President Rolando Garcia Approval: 26 May 2021

Campus Community Dissemination: 14 June 2021


  • Originally approved January 1, 2006
  • Revised spring 2013
  • Revised fall 2014 to include language about employee use of facilities.
  • Revised spring 2020; language in Part 2 Subpart C mirrors failed 5.33 & 5.33.1, to be reviewed Spring 2021Revised Spring 2021 to refer to Tobacco Use & Sale Policy 5.33 & 5.33.1 instead of specific language from those policies. Approved 26 May 2021 by President Rolando Garcia.