Procedure Information

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Number: 4.10.1

Name: Individualized Professional Development Plan Procedure

Author: Policy Committee

Effective Date: January 2020

Next Review Date: Fall 2023

Regulatory Authority:

Part 1. Procedure for Individual Professional Development Plan for Unlimited Faculty.

Subpart A. Process

The faculty member will meet during each academic year with their supervising dean/director. The faculty and dean/director will collaborate to schedule this meeting. At this meeting the faculty member will submit their professional development plan for the year. The faculty member will also submit an annual report of accomplishments. It shall be general practice for submission of the annual report of accomplishments to occur in conjunction with the submission of the next academic year’s plan.

Subpart B. Individual Professional Development Plan

The purpose of the individual professional development plan is to determine activities and a schedule to foster professional growth. The plan may include activities based on faculty self-evaluation and formal college evaluation.

The plan should be highly individualized and faculty-driven in collaboration with the supervising dean. The plan may include activities relevant to the following areas:

  1. Content knowledge in the discipline (e.g. coursework, conference attendance, sabbatical leave, readings, publications, workshops, other, etc.)
  2. Teaching methods and instructional strategies (e.g. CTL participation, curriculum studies/development, seminars, online peer review, sabbatical leave, research, publications, workshops, other, etc.)
  3. Related work experience (e.g. continuing education credits/courses, writing/publications, conference attendance/presentations, readings/gallery presentations, research, outside employment in the field, job shadowing in field, research in field, other, etc.)
  4. Study appropriate to higher education (e.g. coursework, conference attendance, sabbatical leave, CTL Participation, other, etc.)
  5. Service to the college and greater community (e.g. committee service, civic involvement, volunteer work, travel exchanges, work toward college strategic plan, other, etc.)
  6. Other, please explain (e.g. student interactions, personal growth as related to position responsibilities, publications, classroom research, AQIP Projects, MinnState/College/Department work projects, other, etc.)

Subpart C. Annual Reports of Accomplishments

The faculty member will submit an annual report of accomplishments.

The annual report will include name of the faculty member, credential field(s), date of submission, a brief statement of completed activities from the original plan (if the faculty member was able to accomplish all that he/she had planned, all that is needed is a simple statement such as “I accomplished all parts of my professional development plan”), and a reflective summary of how the completed activities contributed to the faculty member’s professional growth, with a specific emphasis on teaching and student learning.

Part 2: Campus Review.

Review ActionDate(s)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Review:October 7, 2019—October 18, 2019

Campus Community Review Period:October 21, 2019–November 4, 2019

AFSCME Review:December 4, 2019

MAPE Review:December 4, 2019

MMA Review:December 4, 2019

Shared Governance Council Review:December 22, 2019

Student Senate Review:December 5, 2019

Interim President Jeffrey Williamson Approval:February 27, 2020

Campus Community Dissemination: September 22, 2020


  • NH III.02.17.01 approved 25 October 2006
  • Revised –28 November 2008
  • Revised – 2 June 2014
  • Revised – Fall 2019