Policy Information

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Number: 3.56

Name: Academic Amnesty Policy

Effective Date: December 15, 2020

Next Review Date: AY 2025–2026

Regulatory Authority:

Part 1. Policy Statement.

This policy allows a student's previous less than satisfactory grades to be ignored, or "forgiven," in the computation of the cumulative grade point average and completion rate. This makes it possible for a student to be in good academic standing and attain a grade point average sufficient for college graduation. The Academic Amnesty Policy at North Hennepin Community College (NHCC) gives a student who has not been enrolled in credit-based coursework at NHCC for at least five years, a one-time opportunity to establish a new grade point average (GPA) and completion rate for qualifying grades or symbols prior to the five-year continuous break from credit-based coursework at NHCC.

In extraordinary circumstances, the five-year continuous break may be adjusted to a shorter timeframe.

Part 2. Campus Review.

Campus Community Review Period: October 19–November 6, 2020

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Review: November 10–24, 2020

AFSCME Review: November 10–December 1, 2020

MAPE Review: November 10–December 11, 2020

MMA Review: November 10–December 11, 2020

Shared Governance Council Review: December 11, 2020

Student Senate Review: December 3, 2020

President Rolando Garcia Approval: December 15, 2020

Campus Community Dissemination: December 15, 2020


  • Adopted 10/10/2005
  • Revised fall 2014 to include language about completion rate, student-specified courses to be excluded, and completion requirements for academic amnesty eligibility.
  • Revised spring 2015 to no longer allow students to seek amnesty for courses taken after returning from the at least five-year break.
  • Reviewed Fall 2020, added language for flexibility to the five-year break under extraordinary circumstances