Academic Amnesty (also referred to as Academic Forgiveness or Academic Fresh Start) allows NHCC to “ignore” a student’s D and F grades when computing cumulative grade point average (GPA). Academic Amnesty makes it possible for a qualified student to attain good academic standing and/or attain a GPA sufficient for college graduation.  

Additional terms and conditions of Academic Amnesty include:

  • All grades remain on the transcript; only the cumulative GPA is recalculated.
  • Courses and grades removed from the student's GPA through academic amnesty will not be used to satisfy any academic requirements for a degree, a certificate, or the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.
  • May not be applied to any financial aid situation. Federal financial aid regulations do not recognize academic forgiveness.
  • Applies only to GPA calculated by NHCC. Subsequent transfer institutions may choose not to honor Academic Amnesty granted by NHCC. 

To qualify for Academic Amnesty, students must:

  1. Have been absent from credit-based enrollment at NHCC for a period of at least five years.  
  2. Upon returning to NHCC, complete at least 12 credits with a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.
  3. Consult with a counselor or advisor to determine whether or not academic amnesty is an appropriate choice.
  4. Submit the completed Academic Amnesty Form to Records & Registration for processing.