Policy Information

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Number: 3.54.1

Name: Independent Study Procedure

Author: Policy Committee

Effective Date: January 8, 2018

Next Review Date: Fall 2022

Regulatory Authority

  • Minnesota State Board Policy 2.9 – Academic Standing and Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Federal Register Department of Education Program Integrity Issues §668.34 Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • MSCF Contract Article 11, Section 1, Subd. 5 Independent Study

Part 1. Student Initiated Independent Study.

A student may approach an NHCC faculty member to request an independent study for a course that is currently listed in the NHCC Course Catalog, but is not offered during the current semester.

Student-initiated independent study shall not have scheduled formal class time. Meetings shall be arranged as deemed appropriate by the supervising faculty member and the student completing the independent study.

Student-initiated independent study requires the consent of the student, the supervising faculty member, and the faculty member’s supervisor. Upon receiving such consent, students will be enrolled in the independent study course and subject to the same tuition and fees normally charged for the course.

Part 2. Non-Student Initiated Independent Study.

Non-student initiated independent study may only be used by mutual written agreement between the faculty and administration. Enrollment in such courses shall not exceed four (4) students.

Non-student initiated independent study may have scheduled formal class time not to exceed the established credit hours for the course. Such scheduling will be determined by the supervising faculty member.

Non-student initiated independent study shall not be offered for any course that is on the schedule as a regular class or tutorial in a given semester.

Students shall enroll in non-student initiated independent studies as they would in a normally scheduled course or tutorial. All enrolled students are subject to the same tuition and fees normally charged for the course.

Part 3. Logistics.

Subpart A. Syllabus.

Faculty must provide a syllabus for all courses taught as independent study, as per normal courses. Syllabi must indicate the course outcomes to be met by the independent study.

Subpart B. Add, Drop, and Withdrawal.

Independent studies will follow the same policies as normally scheduled classes for the purposes of adding, dropping, and withdrawing. Independent studies may be initiated at any point in the semester as a late-start course.

Subpart C. Grading and Transcripts.

Faculty will enter grades as they do for regularly scheduled courses. Independent studies will be transcripted as a regularly scheduled course.

Part 4. Campus Review.

Review Action


Campus Community Review Period

06-Nov-2017 through 17-Nov-2017



MAPE Review


MMA Review


Shared Governance Council Review


Student Senate Review


President Approval


Campus Community Dissemination



  • Formerly III.02.10.01
  • Date of Adoption 23-Apr-1999
  • Revised 12-May-2004
  • Revised and renumbered to 3.54.1 6-Sep-2011
  • Revised 27-Jan-2012
  • Revised Spring 2017, was not reviewed; re-opened Fall 2017 for Campus Review