Procedure Information

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Number: 3.38.1

Name: Career Information Procedure

Effective Date: 26 May 2021

Next Review Date: AY2025–2026

Regulatory Authority:

Part 1. Purpose.

To direct how to provide information on career exploration and job opportunities to all students enrolled in occupational programs.

Part 2. Requirements.

  1. North Hennepin Community College (NHCC) shall provide information about sources of career exploration and job opportunities information, including links to appropriate websites such as, but not limited to, CAREERWise, Department of Employment and Economic Development, Minnesota Career Information System, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and other career exploration portals. Additional information can be found on the NHCC Career Services webpage.
  2. During the online admission application process, students who indicate interest in occupational programs shall be directed to websites that provide information about career exploration and job opportunities.
  3. During any orientation process, NHCC shall provide information using appropriate media, about career exploration and job opportunities to all new students.
  4. Annually, NHCC shall notify all students about the availability of resources for obtaining career exploration and job prospect information.
  5. Information about career information and job prospect information shall be made readily available on NHCC’s website.
  6. The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MinnState) System Office shall make curriculum and best practices on career exploration, which can be incorporated into existing courses, available to NHCC.

Part 3. Evaluation.

NHCC shall provide information required by the MinnState System Office to evaluate the effectiveness of NHCC’s efforts to provide career exploration and job prospect information to occupational program students on a biennial basis or as requested.

Part 4. Campus Review.

Review Action: Date(s)

Campus Community Review Period: 5 Mar 2021–26 Mar 2021

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Review: 3 May 2021

AFSCME Review: 5 Apr 2021–14 May 2021

MAPE Review: 5 Apr 2021–14 May 2021

MMA Review: 5 Apr 2021–14 May 2021

Shared Governance Council Review: 14 May 2021

Student Senate Review: 29 April 2021

President Rolando Garcia Approval: 26 May 2021

Campus Community Dissemination: 14 June 2021


  • Date of Adoption
    • March 2, 2011
  • Formally III.02.21.01 Career Information for Occupational Program Students
  • Spring 2021: Reviewed, formatting changes only. Approved 26 May 2021 by President Rolando Garcia.