Design Illustration of Heritage Garden 

Give Thanks.


Celebrate your NHCC heritage by engraving a paver or naming a special feature in the NHCC Heritage Garden.


Nestled below the Carillon (bell tower), the Heritage Garden commemorates:

  • Students who dedicate themselves to self-discovery and acquiring knowledge

  • Alumni who took their NHCC education and are making their mark in the world 

  • Faculty and staff (current and former) who create an exceptional learning experience

  • Donors who strengthen the community with an educated workforce

  • Local communities, businesses, organizations, and community members with dedication to higher education

  • Family members of students, faculty and staff whose support also changes lives.

By celebrating those who impacted your life, your donation will make quality higher education accessible and pave the way for future students.


Engraving and Naming Opportunities

  • 4” x 8” paver - $150

    3 lines of text; 14 characters per line 

  • 9” x 12” paver - $300

    6 lines of text; 16 characters per line; larger font size than 4" x 8" pavers 

  • Rain Garden (3 naming opportunities) - $750   2 remaining

    Two lovely rain gardens with flowers and plants will adorn the outside of the garden patio area. Each is a naming opportunity. 
    A plaque will be placed within the rain garden. The Foundation staff will contact you regarding wording for the plaque. 

  • Tree (4 naming opportunities) - $1,000   1 remaining 

    Four trees will be placed along the south side to mirror those trees already on the north side. Each is a naming opportunity.  
    A plaque will be placed at the tree's base. The Foundation staff will contact you regarding wording for the plaque.  

  • Bench (8 naming opportunities) - $2,500  3 remaining

    Eight benches will be placed along side the patio to provide extra seating. Each is a naming opportunity. 
    A plaque will be attached to the bench. The Foundation staff will contact you regarding wording for the plaque. 

  • Water Feature (2 naming opportunities) - $5,000

    Two relaxing water features will be placed at the east end of the patio, beside the gazebo. 
    A plaque will be placed on the water feature. The Foundation staff will contact you regarding wording for the plaque. 

  • Gazebo – to be determined

    A gazebo will be placed at the far east side of the patio in the summer of 2020. Design not yet determined. If you are interested in naming the gazebo, please contact the Foundation office. 


Donate Today


DEADLINE: February 29, 2020

Orders received by 2/29/2020 will be included in the initial building of the garden. Those received after 2/29 will be installed later in Summer 2020.


Guidelines and Details

  • Paver Text Examples 

    Jack and Jill Hill
    The ABC Program
    The Macintosh Family
    Mohammad Ali & Jennifer Lopez
    XYZ Business Forms
    The Class of 1966
    TRIO Program
    Dr. Mayim Bialik 

  • Paver Lines and Character Count 

    • All engraving will be capital letters and the same font style. 
    • Space between words counts as one character.
    • Letters like W and M take more space than letter I.

    For the 4” x 8” pavers, there are 14 characters per line; 3 lines total.

    For the 9” x 12” pavers, there are 16 characters per line; 6 lines total; font size is larger than 4" x 8" pavers.


  • Paver Font Style

    For consistency and uniformity of the Heritage Garden, only a single font style will be used. 

  • Can I include the wording "in memory of", "in recognition of", "in celebration of", or something similar?

    We ask that these phrases not be used as they can denote loss and sadness. The overall theme of the Heritage Garden is to recognize, celebrate and give thanks to those who made a positive impact on your life. 

  • Can a group donate a paver or special feature?

    Yes! If two or more individuals collectively plan to donate a paver or special feature, please email the NHCC Foundation at with:
    > the names of those donating
    > how much each person is donating
    > paver size or if a special feature
    > if paver, include names(s) to be engraved 

  • Is this a tax-deductible donation?

    As you are beautifying our campus and receiving nothing in exchange, this is considered a tax-deductible donation. Consult with your tax adviser for your specific situation.

  • How will my donation be used?

    Your donation to the Heritage Garden not only beautifies the campus, it also provides educational opportunities to NHCC students through scholarships, emergency aid, and academic program support. It also helps fund the NHCC Alumni Relations program.