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Testing Center

Welcome to the North Hennepin Community College (NHCC) Testing Center homepage.

 The Testing Center provides a variety of testing services that support students to reach their academic goals.   Please follow one of the links below to get more information about your specific testing needs.

Placement Testing

Once you have submitted your application and you have been accepted to NHCC, the next step in the admissions process is to take the Placement Test.  Accuplacer test scores will determine placements in the areas of reading, English, and Mathematics . Course placements are designed to promote and support student success.   Preparing for this exam is highly recommended and an appointment is necessary.   If you are a transfer student or have taken the Accuplacer test at another institution, you may submit a Placement Test Waiver Form for evaluation.  Find more information here.

Proctoring Services

The Testing Center provides proctoring services for individuals attending other Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) and non-MnSCU institutions.  Also, we welcome members of the community who need a test proctored for public or private agencies.  There is a proctoring fee of $35.00 for Non-MnSCU students.  Find more information here.

General Education Development (GED) Test


The General Education Development (GED) Certificate is designed to measure proficiency in the following subject areas – Mathematics, Writing, Social Studies, Science, Literature, and Arts.  It is required that students pass these suites of tests in order to certify that he or she possesses the academic skills and knowledge associated with a high school program of study, with an emphasis  on workplace and higher education.  Additional information is available through the Minnesota Department of Education website or by calling 651-582-8445.   Find more information here.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Test

The College – Level Examination Program (CLEP) Test is a nationally trusted program that allows students who have successfully completed challenging courses and tests to demonstrate knowledge of college-level subjects that could earn credit and advance out of college introductory courses.   Find more information here.

Testing Accommodations

The Testing Center offers services to students who need reasonable accommodations for testing.  We provide students with extended testing time, a distraction-free testing environment, and wheelchair accessibility.  Students who need accommodations will need referrals from the office of Access Services

 picture ID is always required for all assessments.

The Testing Center is an area that requires a distraction-free environment for students and non-students.  Food, beverages, cellphones and other outside technology devices, and persons not testing will not be allowed in the computer labs.



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Testing Center

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