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Family Resources

The following resources are provided to help parents and families to help understand their student's transition to college and overall college experience:

Understanding Your Student’s Rights and Privacy
The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulates to whom the college may release information about a student’s education records. It prohibits the college from releasing students’ information to anyone other than the student, even parents or spouse, without the student’s written consent. To learn more about FERPA at NHCC, visit the policy page.

NHCC does have a FERPA release form (Release of Private Educational Data Form) in which a student can consent to sharing information. This form needs to be signed each academic year the student attends North Hennepin Community College. The student submits the completed form in person to the Office of Student Affairs, located in Room 45 of the Education Services Building. A photo ID is required as proof of identity.   

Know the Student Services at NHCC
There are many resources and offices available on campus to assist your student with the various aspects of student life. See the Registration, Student Resources, and Student Life sections of our website to get information about the Bookstore, Career Planning, Counseling and Advising, Disability Access, Financial Aid, Testing, and more services!

Supporting your Student while at NHCC
Families and parents are a vital piece of student success. We encourage you to take an active role in asking your student how classes are going, when tests, papers, or other course requirements are coming up, and how they might need your support while they are in classes this semester. Revisit these conversations each semester.

Helpful Readings
Helping your First Year College Student Succeed,” by Richard Mullendore and Cathie Hatch of the National Orientation Director’s Association.

Emergency Notification System
Students and family members can sign up to receive email or text messages alerting them to campus emergencies, such as campus closings or severe weather announcements. Please visit the Star Alert web page to get more information and to sign up.



Contact Information

Location: Educational Services(ES) 69
Phone: 763-424-0703
Fax: 763-424-0704
Email: orientation@nhcc.edu
Call to sign up for an orientation session.