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Placement Testing

The ACCUPLACER test is the assessment tool used to determine course placements based on your current skill level in the areas of reading, English and mathematics.  The ACCUPLACER ESL test assesses the English language skills of students who have learned English as an additional language to their native or first language.

It is important to prepare for test.  Doing so may save you time and money! 

Additional Placement Test Information

The placement test is computer-based, except for the ESL writing assessment which is paper/pencil. No prior computer experience is necessary.  All test questions are multiple choice with approximately 15-22 questions on each test.  The test is untimed. On average it takes approximately 2 hours to complete.  Personal calculators are not allowed, however, a pop-up calculator is available as part of a test question if required.  Scratch paper and pencils are provided. 

Test scores are valid:

  • 3 years for Reading, English (Sentence Skills), ESL Reading, Listening, and Sentence Meaning.
  • 2 years for Math
  • A student can retest for a fee of $10; check with staff about eligibility requirements.



Contact Information

Location: Educational Services (ES) 108
Phone: 763-424-0928
Fax:  763-493-0552
Email: testingcenter@nhcc.edu

Placement Testing Hours

Monday, Thursday 9:00am & 1:00pm

Tuesday, Wednesday 3:00pm

5:00pm test sessions are offered:
Tuesday, April 11
Tuesday, May 9
Tuesday, June 6
Tuesday, July 11