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Student Senate


Click here for the Application and Position Descriptions!

Two Vacant Positions for Spring 2017: Treasurer and Senator at Large (1)

The Special Election will be held on Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016 at 2:30pm in CC 244 during the Student Senate Meeting.

Applications are due on Tuesday, Nov. 29 by 4:30pm to the Student Life Office.

You can find the application and position descriptions above, or pick up a hard copy in the Student Life Office.


2016-17 Student Senate Executive Board:  

President – Fartun Salad
Vice President – Maria Nguyen
Secretary – Zak Haid
Treasurer – Jerusa Nyakundi
Public Relations Coordinator – Faith Teah
Legislative Coordinator – Katie Lawrence

Senators at Large:

Erick Alvarado, Angie Ruiz, Olena Chernets, Eloho Egbi


Student Senate Information


The Student Senate is the official voice of NHCC Students.  

Student Senate Constitution

The Constitution was revised and reviewed by campus from Spring 2015 through early Fall 2015. It was voted on and ratified on October 22, 2015. Amended on March 31, 2016. Amended on September 22, 2016.

2016-2017 Meeting Information

Fall 2016 Schedule - All Meetings are set for 2:30pm-4pm located in Campus Center 244
Meeting agenda’s will be posted here the Tuesday of each scheduled meeting week.

Fall Semester


Spring Semester

  • January 26, 2017
  • February 9, 2017
  • February 23, 2017
  • March 16, 2017
  • March 30, 2017
  • April 13, 2017
  • April 27, 2017

Student Senate Meeting Minutes 
Minutes from  2016-2017 Student Senate meetings will be added here. If you would like to request to speak at a meeting or present an agenda item, email senatepresident@nhcc.edu and lfort@nhcc.edu.

Fall Semester


Spring Semester

  • January 26, 2017
  • February 9, 2017
  • February 23, 2017
  • March 16, 2017
  • March 30, 2017
  • April 13, 2017
  • April 27, 2017

Student Senate Officer Eligibility

All officers shall act in accordance with the Constitution. The term for Executive Board Officers is one year beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30th of the following year. Executive Board Officers may run for and serve a second term. No one may serve as an officer of the Student Senate for more than two years.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • All Student Senate Executive Board Officers shall attend all Minnesota State College Student Association (MSCSA) General Assembly meetings. Appeals may be made to the Student Senate Executive Board.
  • The President shall preside at all Student Senate meetings, represent the Student Senate to the college and others, and shall convene the Executive Board at least monthly during an academic term.
  • The Vice President shall assume the duties and responsibilities during the President’s absence.
  • The Secretary shall record the minutes of Student Senate and maintain a permanent record of said minutes on the Student Senate computer along with a hard copy on file in the Student Senate office.
  • The Public Relations Coordinator shall be responsible for posting the agenda on the Student Senate bulletin boards two (2) days prior to a Student Senate meeting.
  • The Legislative Coordinator shall be responsible for all legislative affairs of the Student Senate that shall be conducted in the best interest of North Hennepin Community College student body. 


Elections information for the 2017-2018 Student Senate will be available in March 2017.



Contact Information

Student Life Office
Phone: 763-424-0801
Location: Campus Center