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Service Learning

Service Learning integrates academic study with meaningful community service and advocates volunteerism toward meaningful social causes. Faculty who make service a part of the curriculum and community organizations who provide a learning outlet, allow students opportunities to develop real-world skills while contributing to their communities.

Benefits Include:

  • Linking classroom instruction to real-world situations
  • Building your resume
  • Getting valuable, work related experience
  • Helping others in your community
  • Making a difference in someone's life
  • Enhancing your marketability to a future employer, or future educational experience
  • Networking with colleagues, community partners, and possible future employers
  • Applying subject matter in the classroom in fresh, relevant ways to the work world
  • Improving interpersonal skills
  • Developing job skills and reinforcing career choices
  • Completing applications for job shadowing, mentoring, internships, externships, or employment opportunities
  • Gaining valuable references
  • Establishing mentoring connections
  • Testing various career pathways
  • Filling gaps in your resume history
  • Making a career shift
  • Meeting new people and having new experiences
  • Gaining life long learning experiences
  • Getting a societal perspective on real world problems 








Contact Information

Troy Nellis, Director of Service Learning
Phone: 763-488-0409
Fax: 763-493-0560

E-mail: tnellis@nhcc.edu
Office: CBT:137

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Troy Nellis call:


To connect students, faculty and the community in learning activities that blend classroom instruction with civic responsibility.

To foster collaboration among students, faculty and the community that enhances the educational process, addresses community needs and builds student life skills.


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