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Honors Program

The North Hennepin Community College Honors Program is designed to maximize the academic experience of the 2 year college student. The Honors Program offers qualifying students the opportunity to strive for excellence in an environment that nurtures them academically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. Members of the Honors Program share a passion for learning and a desire to expand academic and personal horizons.

Honors Program students benefit from:

Enriching Curriculum
Honors curriculum is available in a variety of ways including seminars that focus on a specific topic, and the ability to add an honors experience to virtually all courses (dependent upon faculty approval).

Faculty Mentors
Honors Program students have the opportunity to have the guidance of faculty members in their academic career.

Honors Transcripted
Each honors experience will be given an honors designation on a student’s official transcript. This allows for official and easy record keeping of honors earned.

Honors Recognition
Honors recognition is bestowed at graduation for students who complete their program requirements.

Priority Registration
Students who participate at the Highest Honors Scholar or High Honors Scholar level have the opportunity to register on the first day registration begins each semester.

Professional Conferences
Honors Program students may attend professional conferences in areas of interest, when funding is available.

Scholarly Seminars
Honors Seminars are one-credit courses that focus on a specific topic and allow students to explore a topic more in-depth than is possible in regular courses.



Contact Information

Deanna Forsman, Ph. D.
Honors Division Program Director

Karen Roam
Honors Coordinator