Configuring Outlook Profile

  1. Make sure Outlook is CLOSED

  2. Click the Windows Start button in the lower-left corner of the screen > Start typing the words Software Center > Click Software Center to open it:

    Software Center shown on Windows Search

  3. In Software Center, click on the Migrate Outlook Profile Icon > Click Install. After the install finishes, it might say Installation Failed - just ignore this if it happens. If the Migrate Outlook Profile does not show up in Software Center, please call the helpdesk x0957 and a technician will assist you.

     migrate outlook profile

  4. The Microsoft Outlook login will popup > In the username field enter your and your StarID password > Click OK

     Outlook login popup

  5. A Welcome to Outlook screen will open > Change the username field to your > Click connect > Enter your password on the next screen > Click Sign In

  6. On the Allow Windows to manage your account popup, leave the option checked and click Yes (This allows Windows to log you in to any office links or applications with your credentials) > Click Done once the account has been registered
    use account everywhere

  7. An Account Setup is Complete screen will appear > Click OK (If you put a check mark in “set up Outlook Mobile on my phone, too” it will open up a site to send an Outlook installation link to your phone)

  8. Outlook will open and your new profile will be loaded; this process may take a minute or two.