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Important Dates 

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Campus email and OneDrive is moving to Minnesota State’s common email and OneDrive. Important dates to remember:

  • Feb 19  Open Forum/Q&A session 12 - 1pm, CC 244
  • Feb 22  Open Forum/Q&A session 10 - 11am, CLA 135
  • Feb 26  Open Forum/Q&A session 12 - 1pm, CC 244
  • Feb 27  Open Forum/Q&A session 10 - 11am, ES 40
  • Feb 22 – Mar 3 – Do not modify OneDrive files. (Save files locally not back to OneDrive)
  • Mar 1 – 3 – Email will be offline for migration. (No mail access, no mail delivery)
  • Mar 4  Email and OneDrive back online. Begin logging into the System Office Single Tenant

Please use your new StarID to log in. 

Student Email (

North Hennepin Community College provides Microsoft Outlook Live email service. Email is the official means of communication at North Hennepin (see college policy 5.31), so all official communication from the college and your instructors will go to your email address. Therefore, it is critical that you set up and check your email address regularly.

Note: If you are a student through the University Center, you will need to check the email associated with the partnering university.

Office 365 Other Features

  • Microsoft Office - Free online access to the Microsoft Office products: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
  • Onedrive - Online data storage up to 25GB. For help on using your SkyDrive please check out SkyDrive Help & How-to.
  • Mobile Device

    You can setup your Outlook email to push directly to mobile device using these setting information:

    1. Username ( and password
    2. Servers (SSL), if needed:
      • Incoming: (993)
      • Outgoing: (587)

    To access email from mobile devices
    click here for setup directions. 

  • Calendar - Make scheduled appointments, event, and reminders to organize your schedule.
  • Task Manager - You can create tasks with reminders to help you keep track of your tasks/projects.
  • Photo Album - Upload photos from your computer to an online album to share with people across Email.


Important Dates


Important Dates