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Faculty Online Resources

Teaching Writing Across the Disciplines

Across the Disciplines published on the WAC Clearinghouse website http://wac.colostate.edu/atd/

University of Minnesota Center for Writing http://writing.umn.edu/tww/additional.html#discipline

University of Washington UW Writes "Writing Integrated Course Design" http://depts.washington.edu/writeuw/whatare.html

The WAC Journal http://wac.colostate.edu/journal/

Academic Integrity

International Center for Academic Integrity 

University of California, Davis Creating a Climate of Academic Integrity: Tips to prevent cheating

Suny Cortland’s School of Education and the Center for the 4th and 5th Rs (Respect and Responsibility) Academic Integrity: A critical challenge for schools

Faculty Focus Promoting Academic Integrity in the online classroom 

Indiana State University

Teaching Multilingual Students

Middlebury College Center for Teaching, Learning & Research Supporting "Mulitlingual/ESL Students in the Classroom" http://www.middlebury.edu/media/view/186131/original/Fac_Wkshop_Multiling_ESL.pdf 

University of Toronto Multilingual Students http://www.writing.utoronto.ca/faculty/multilingual-students

University of Minnesota Center for Writing http://writing.umn.edu/tww/responding/non-native.html

University of Hawaii-Manoa Writing Matters http://manoa.hawaii.edu/mwp/mwp-office/about-us/program-research/writing-matters

University of Minnesota Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition "Learner Language" http://www.carla.umn.edu/learnerlanguage/index.html

Teaching and Learning Arabic, ASL, and Spanish

Arabic: University of Minnesota Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition http://www.carla.umn.edu/lctl/materials/arabic.html

ASL: American Sign Language Teacher's Association http://Aslta.org

American Sign Language University http://www.lifeprint.com/

Spanish: University of Minnesota Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition 
Grammar http://www.carla.umn.edu/strategies/sp_grammar/index.html 
Pragmatics/Speech Acts http://www.carla.umn.edu/speechacts/sp_pragmatics/home.html

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