Q: How will classes be delivered for the remainder of the spring semester?

A: Starting March 30, at this time a majority of instruction will occur remotely for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester, including the final exam period. (Students in clinical programs will be contacted directly by their department). Each instructor will develop alternative methods for non-face-to-face delivery of their courses; this may include D2L, Zoom, Email, Mobile App, and/or any other form of electronic platforms that are free and accessible to students. Students will receive a communication from their instructors via their NHCC email as to how their courses will be delivered and any expectations tied to the successful completion of their course.


Q: Will NHCC Computer Labs be open and available to students?

A: Effective April 6, 2020, the Computer Lab (CBT 158) will be open Monday-Thursday 10:30 a.m. - 6 p.m., with limited seating/capacity. NHCC will be following the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for social distancing and gatherings, to insure a safe environment for our students. If you need assistance from home, please email HelpDesk@nhcc.edu.  


Q: Will physical service windows will be closed?

A: Yes, service windows will be closed.


Q: Will you be available to students remotely during the posted times?

A: Yes, we will be available to students remotely during the posted times.


Q: Will the move to remote instruction have an impact on my ability to graduate in May 2020?

A: We will continue to process graduation candidacy through all normal processes and will still confer degrees as completed in May according to NHCC guidelines. 


Q: Will NHCC’s Spring 2020 Commencement Ceremony be suspended, postponed, and/or canceled?

A: As of March 17, 2020, Chancellor Devinder Malhotra has announced that all commencement ceremonies for colleges and universities in the Minnesota State College and Universities System are canceled. As a college, we recognize the importance of commencement and the significance it holds to our students. The commencement committee is exploring the best options to move forward and recognize the academic achievements of the students at North Hennepin Community College. We ask for your patience as we navigate these unchartered territories and figure out a solution for our graduates. Additional information will follow as we are able to adequately assess the best possible solution for the health and safety of our students and employees.


Q: Can I request a refund if I do not want to take courses online?

A: The college will not offer tuition & fee refunds while instruction and support services continue. Students may submit a Tuition Refund Appeals for individual, extraordinary circumstances that interfere with course completion. (The COVID-19 event on its own will not be accepted as an extenuating circumstance). The college has taken action to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on students through the implementation of alternate learning formats.


Q. Will there be any changes to the deadline dates to drop, add, withdraw, or exchange a course?

A: NHCC has extended the withdraw date on courses currently in session. For the Spring 2020 Semester, students can withdraw from a course until it is about 90% complete, rather than 80% to allow you more time to decide how you want to proceed in your courses.


Q: What happens if I need to withdraw from one or all of my classes because of the move to remote instruction?

A: If you need to withdraw from one or all of your current classes, we recommend you contact your academic advisor. Contact information can be found at https://nhcc.edu/student-resources/academic-advising, to discuss questions about making any changes to your current course registration. It may have a significant impact on your progress towards your degree and/or your financial aid. Contact our Financial Aid Office if you have any additional questions about your aid, https://nhcc.edu/registration/financial-aid-scholarships. We strongly encourage students to contact NHCC via phone or email. You can schedule an appointment with your academic advisors through our Navigate Platform. Work with your advisor to determine the best mode of communication and appointment method (ZOOM appointment, email, phone etc).


Q: What should I keep in mind if I am considering withdrawing from one or all of my courses after the extended spring break?

A: We recommend you contact your academic advisor before making any changes to your current course registration. Contact information can be found at https://nhcc.edu/student-resources/academic-advising. You can schedule an appointment with your academic advisors through our Navigate Platform. Work with your advisor to determine the best mode of communication and appointment method (ZOOM appointment, email, phone etc). Additionally, withdrawing from classes can impact your current and future financial aid eligibility. Altering your academic plan may cause you to exceed your maximum timeframe for financial aid or affect your credit completion pace, both components of the Division of Financial Aid’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy. In addition, if you have a scholarship that requires continuous enrollment or specific enrollment criteria, you may be at risk of losing that aid when you withdraw. To read more about our scholarship criteria, visit https://nhcc.edu/registration/financial-aid-scholarships/scholarship-information/faq.


Q: How do I meet with my academic advisor?

A: Academic advising will continue through phone and/or Zoom (video calls) appointments and drop ins. Students can still contact their academic advisor and schedule an appointment through our Navigate Platform. Work with your advisor to determine the best mode of communication and appointment method (Zoom appointment, email, phone etc).


Q: What academic support resources are available?

A: During our online instruction, Peer Tutoring, the Math Resource Center and the Writing Center will have peer tutors available to work with students online via Zoom platform. To make an appointment, please send your request to tutoring@nhcc.edu and we will send your request to the Peer Tutoring, Writing Center and Math Resource Center who will contact you to schedule a tutoring appointment. When your appointment begins, please have your NHCC email open and the tutor will send you an invitation to join them in their Zoom meeting room. Just click on the link provided to begin your session. While the Math Resource Center is available now for appointments, the Writing Center and Peer Tutoring areas will begin to accept requests for appointments on Monday, March 23. If we are not able to link you up with a peer tutor, you can also access Tutor.com online tutoring service. Again, please contact tutoring@nhcc.edu if you have questions. Learn more about remote tutoring Services 

The Library is also available to support student’s research and other academic requirements. You can contact us through our Chat Reference service on the Library webpage (Upper Right Hand of Page) where our Librarians will be hosting office hours to assist you, and if they are not present, there are general MN Chat References support available 24/7 who can also assist. Students can also email the Librarians, Lisa Abrazo (lisa.abrazo@nhcc.edu) and Craig Larson (craig.larson@nhcc.edu), directly to set up an appointment via phone or Zoom.


NOTE: If you have a book or other material checked out from the library, we know that returning those items right now might not be possible. We are going to waive all fines for overdue books from now through the end of the spring semester. If you do receive an automated notice from the library, please don’t worry about this—we will not place blocks on your record due to unpaid fines.


Q: What non-academic support resources are available to me?

A: All Student Support Services are actively working to be able to provide all of their services remotely. Many of our services are already accessible via electronic means (ZOOM appointment, email, phone etc). We are updating landing pages to reflect how students can access services remotely. You can access these pages through https://www.nhcc.edu/student-resources/online-learning-d2l/remoteclassesstudents and/or https://www.nhcc.edu/student-resources.

During this time many of our students may need support with getting access to campus and community resources/opportunities. NHCC is committed to providing support through this challenging time. Please find below a number of support opportunities. If you have any additional request you can call 763-493-0554 or email communityconnections@nhcc.edu.

Personal and Community Services

  • Food Cupboard - COVID-19 UPDATE: THE FOOD CUPBOARD IS OPEN AND ACCESSIBLE WHEN CAMPUS IS OPEN. Campus is currently scheduled to be open normal campus hours. You can visit the Diversity Office during business hours or Public Safety during non-business hours to access the food cupboard.
  • Community Connections Resource Center - The NHCC Community Connections Resource Center (CCRC) connects students to campus and community resources and opportunities. The goal of the center is to help students overcome barriers to academic success and meet their current needs and goals.
  • Community Connections Database – A comprehensive list of external support services.


Counseling and Mental Health

Please also take good care of yourselves in this very stressful time. Below are a number of mental health resources that you might find helpful.


Q: How will accommodations for students with disabilities need to be adjusted for online learning environments?

A: Accommodations for students registered with the Access Services will remain in effect; however, instructors may need to adapt or adjust accommodations for an online environment. Students should contact the Access Service Center if they have questions. Instructors should review students’ Course Accessibility Request, which are shared with instructors prior to the start of the semester. Adjustments will depend on the course design, content, and forms of assessment. The Access Services staff is operating normal business hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) to support both instructors and students. General questions may be sent to Disability@nhcc.edu. More information about alternative delivery of Access Services to students and instructors is available on the Access Services website


Q: I am a Veteran, will my education benefits be impact by these changes?

A: Please contact Janet Lorenzo (janet.lorenzo@nhcc.edu) or Anong Thor (anong.thor@nhcc.edu) for any questions; you can also send an email to veterans@nhcc.edu.


Q: I am an International Student and have questions about my status and/or travel?

A: Please contact Virginia Ferlet (vferlet@nhcc.edu) or Carman McGahey (cmcgahey@nhcc.edu) for questions about status or travel.


Q: I am a TRIO student. Who should I contact if I have questions?

           A: Please contact your assigned TRIO advisor and/or email the TRIO Office at


Q: What will happen with the interest on my Federal Direct Student Loans?

 A: Federal Direct Student Loans will be interest free and payments due on these loans are also suspended during the period of March 13 – September 30.


Q: Whom should I contact if I have a questions or concerns?

 A: To report any questions or concerns please email info@nhcc.edu.