Reference Books

General and overview information about topics in Political Science can be found in the following books, located in the Reference area. In those titles that are multi-volume works, a cumulative index can be found in the last volume of the set. Reference titles cannot be checked out—they are for in-library use only.

American Political Leaders, 1789-2000 (REF E 176 .A45 2000)

The Complete Book of U.S. Presidents (REF E 176.1 .D43 2002)

The Handy Presidents Answer Book (REF E 176.1 .M38 2004)

The Presidents: A Reference History (REF E 176.1 .P77 2002)

Encyclopedia of Presidential Campaigns, Slogans, Issues… (REF E 76.1 .R6 2004)

The Encyclopedia of American Political History (REF E 183 .E52 001)

Encyclopedia of Women in American Politics (REF HQ 1236.5 .U6 E53 1999)

The Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents (REF J 81.4 .I53 2003)

The Statesman’s Yearbook (REF JA 51 .S7 2003)

The Encyclopedia of Politics (REF JA 61 .E54 2005)

Encyclopedia of American Parties, Campaigns and Elections (REF JK 9 .B56 1999)

The Facts on File Dictionary of American Politics (REF JK 9 .H54 2001)

The Oxford Guide to the United States Government (REF JK 9 .P38 2001)

The American Political Dictionary (REF JK 9 .P55 2002)

The Constitution of the United States (REF JK 31 .D8)

The Almanac of American Politics (REF JK 1012 .B342 1998)

CQ’s Desk Reference on American Government (REF JK 274 .W449 1995)

The Handy Politics Answer Book (REF JK 276 .M68 2003)

The United States Government Manual (REF JK 421 .A3)

Encyclopedia of the American Presidency (REF JK 511 .E53 1998)

Presidential Elections, 1789-1992 (REF JK 524 .P678 1995)

Congressional Directory (REF JK 1011 .U83)

Congressional Quarterly Almanac (REF JK 1012 .C65 2003)

Congress: A to Z (REF JK 1021 .C55 2003)

Congressional Districts in the 2000s (REF JK 1341 .C65 2003)

America Votes (REF JK 1967 .A8 2000)

A Statistical History of the American Electorate (REF JK 1967 .R96 2001)

Political Parties and Civic Action Groups (REF JK 2260 .S36)

The Encyclopedia of Third Parties in America (REF JK 2261 .E46 2000)

Minnesota Legislative Manual (REF JK 6130 .L4 2001-02)

Politics in Minnesota: The Directory (REF JK 6130 .P64 1995-96)

Major Acts of Congress (REF KF 154 .M35 2004)

Circulating Books

Books on a wide range of political science topics are indexed in the library’s online catalog, Aleph. Unlike the Reference books listed above, the circulating collection may be checked out for three weeks with your library card.

Electronic Resources

We have a number of databases available for magazine and journal article searches. Performing a subject search in any of these databases should provide you with plenty of information about your topic.

  1. EBSCO Academic Search Premier and Electric Library will provide you with very good general article coverage of political issues, ideas, and history.
  2. CQ Researcher offers more in-depth essays about contemporary American and international political issues.

You may also find the following resources helpful:

The library also provides a page of external links to web sites that offer information about a wide range of political science topics.