The North Hennepin Community College Library offers ProQuest Nursing Journals as part of its collection of online magazine article databases. This database provides both full-text and abstract-level access to articles in more than 400 nursing and allied health periodicals and is the perfect place for you to begin your nursing class research.

Tips for searching:

  1. Select full text articles – when searching a database, most people want the actual articles themselves as opposed to an abstract or a short summary of the article. To limit your results to full-text content only, put a check mark in the box on the search screen entitled Limit results to: Full text documents only before entering your topic. If you want every available article on a topic, however, leave the box unchecked.
  2. Select scholarly journals – to limit your search to only scholarly (also called peer-reviewed or refereed or professional) journals, put a check mark in the box entitled Limit results to: Scholarly journals, including peer-reviewed on the search screen.
  3. Choose a date range – to select a specific date range for your search open the Date range window on the search screen. For example, you may select Last 30 days to limit your search results to very recent articles. Again, leave the window as is if you would like all available articles.
  4. Perform a Boolean search – use the Boolean AND operator to narrow the focus of your search. Think about your topic and break it down into its key parts. Let’s say your assignment is to find articles about the incidence and treatment of cancer in Hispanic children. The three key components of this topic are: 1) cancer; 2) children; and 3) Hispanic persons. If we perform a full text search for cancer we come up with 25,000 hits. That’s far too much information to look through to find a suitable article so let’s narrow that search. When we search for cancer AND children we come up with 1,000 hits. To make our search even more tailored to our topic let’s search for cancer AND children AND Hispanic. This time we have a much more manageable results list of 9 hits. Use the Boolean AND operator to focus your searches and save yourself the effort of scrolling through screens of results that do not match your topic.
  5. Limit your search to a specific journal(s) – to search for articles in a single journal or a small group of journals, click on the Advanced Search tab at the top of the search screen, then click More search options at the bottom of the page. On this screen, find the box for Publication title near the bottom. Click on Browse publications to the right to select a journal(s) to search. When you click Add to search you will see the journal(s) added to the Publication title box on the search screen. Then simply enter your search topic(s) into the top part of the screen and click Search.
  6. Search individual/back issues of a title – click the Publication Search tab at the top of the search screen to see a list of the journals indexed in the database. To see the available issues of a publication click on the journal title and then on the individual issue you wish to peruse.

Access to the database:

The ProQuest Nursing Journals database is available not only from any computer on campus but also from your home computer, the computers at the Buffalo campus, or any other computer off campus. While you may use the database without restriction from anywhere on the NHCC campus, access to the database from off campus requires a login. When you click on the database link you will be asked to provide your library barcode number (the 14-digit number on the back of your college ID; begins with 2020...) and your last name as password. Once you provide this information you will be able to search the database. If you have any further questions, please contact the library.