In the Library of Congress classification system, art books are located within the general call number area of N. What follows is a breakdown of how the N classification area is structured. These call numbers apply to books in both the General and Reference collections.

N is visual arts in general

NA is architecture

NB is sculpture

  • NB 1–1115 is history of sculpture and biography of sculptors
  • NB 1120-1291 is technique and materials of sculpture
  • NB 1293-1952 is special forms and subjects of sculpture

NC is drawing and illustration

  • NC 1-266 is history and biography
  • NC 390-930 is technique and materials
  • NC 950-1940 is special forms and subjects

ND is painting

  • ND 1-813 is history and biography
  • ND 1115-1460 is special subjects of painting
  • ND 1470-1672 is technique ad materials
  • ND 1700-3416 is special forms of painting

NE is print media

  • NE 1-978 is printmaking and engraving
  • NE 1940-2233 is etching and aquatint
  • NE 2236-3002 is additional forms of print media

NK is decorative arts

  • NK 1-1150 is history of decorative arts
  • NK 1160-1678 is decoration and ornament
  • NK 1700-2195 is interior decoration and design
  • NK 3600-9900 is other decorative arts

NX is arts in general

  • NX 1-439 is relation of art to other subjects
  • NX 440-649 is history of movements in art
  • NX 650-699 is special topics in art
  • NX 700-825 is art administration