James Cardenas

Fighting for More

It was seemingly a normal day, minus the fact he found himself in the backseat of his own car, a pistol jammed into his ribcage. It all happened so fast. It was the type of scene one would see in the latest blockbuster movie, only this time it wasn’t a production, it was real. His life was hanging in the balance, and unfortunately, it wasn’t the first time. It was the fifth. Read More

Persistence Pays Off

There are few places more welcoming of a child's imagination than in front of the television. That is particularly true for Alyssa Archer. The child of a single-parent family, Alyssa's mother was forced to work long hours in hopes of providing for her family. On those nights, which were many, Alyssa would spend the evening at her grandfather's house. It was there a dream was born. Read More

Finding Financial Success

Not long ago, Mallory Harris found himself working at a McDonalds in Southern California questioning his decision to leave home and attend Santa Monica College. It wasn't homesickness, the weather, or the lifestyle that fed Mallory's doubts, but the severe financial burden it placed squarely upon his shoulders. Read More