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Welcome to NHCC! We're glad you're here. 

Here are a few good things to know about NHCC and some helpful information so you can get started. 

You can apply for FREE during the month of October with promo code: OCTOBER

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NHCC is Among the Most Affordable Colleges in Minnesota 

NHCC is respected by employers for its high-quality education and student support. Pair that excellence in support and instruction with Scholarships, Financial Aid Options, and Low Tuition, and you are getting a high return on your investment.  

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Choose From 70+ Academic Programs

Want to save on tuition by earning the first half of your bachelor's degree at NHCC? Want to earn a degree or certificate and get started in a new career? With 70+ programs and majors to choose from, we have an academic program that can help you reach your goals. 

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In addition to our transfer programs, you have the option of earning your bachelor's degree on NHCC's campus through partnerships with Minnesota State universities. 

Earn Transferrable Credits

Whether you have credits you earned from a previous college, or you want to earn affordable credits and transfer to a 4-year university, we'll work with you to transfer in to NHCC and transfer out of NHCC

NHCC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, which is important for transferring credits and ensuring employers recognize the quality of your education. 

Take Classes That Fit Your Schedule 

When it comes to your education, we know you need options and flexibility. That's why we offer on-campus, online, and hybrid class options. 

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You can apply for FREE during the month of October with promo code: OCTOBER

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