Apply for free college* at NHCC via the Two-Year Occupational Grant Pilot Program. Get started by reviewing the eligibility requirements and qualifying programs. If you meet all the criteria, apply today!

The grant will be awarded on a first-come first-served basis so be sure and APPLY TODAY!

Student Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the grant, the student must:

1. Be admitted and begin enrollment in a qualifying certificate, diploma, AS or AAS program during 2016 fall semester immediately following:
  • High school graduation during the 2015-16 academic year; or
  • Completing an Adult Basic Education program of passing a GED test as a Minnesota resident during the 2015-16 academic year; or
  • Completing a 12 or 24-month AmeriCorps program during the 2015-16 academic year that started immediately after high school graduation during an earlier academic ydear
2. Meet the definition of MN resident used for state financial aid programs

3. Have an adjusted gross income (or wages for non-filers) of $90,000 or less for the 2015 tax year
  • If applying as a dependent student, parental income is used
  • If applying as an independent student, student (and spouse’s, if married) income is used
4. Participate in free mentoring services throughout the student’s academic program

5. Have tuition and fee charges not fully covered by Pell and State Grants during fall semester 2016

Qualifying Programs
Choose from more than 40 qualifying programs, including Accounting, Business Administration, Business Computer Systems & Management, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Education, Health Sciences Broad Field, Management, Marketing, Physical Education, Pre-Engineering and more! Click here for a complete list of programs.

Grant Amount
The grant will cover any remaining tuition and general fee charges after Federal Pell Grant and MN State Grant have been applied. Program-specific fees and equipment are not covered. The grant is available for up to 72 semester credits, including any required developmental courses taken after admission to the qualifying program. These funds are a form of financial aid and do not need to be payed back.

Award Notification
Applications will be ranked by FAFSA or Minnesota Dream Act filing date, so students should apply as early as possible. Financial Aid offices will begin notifying students who are eligible in the near future and will continue to notify qualified students as long as funds are available. The actual award amount will not be determined until the end of the drop/add period for fall term. A student who has been notified they will receive the award and maintains eligibility will have their tuition and fees paid by a combination of the Pell grant, the State grant, and the Occupational grant.

Steps to Apply

1) Apply to NHCC for acceptance into an eligible career program

2) Apply for financial aid using the FAFSA or Dream Act application

3) Complete first time admissions steps

This is a pilot program for only fall 2016 starts. For more information, please view this program booklet.

 *does not include program-specific fees, supplies, or book