Image of students working together at a table in the Psychology Lab 

Overview and goals

The Psychology Lab exists to promote the academic, scholarly and professional development of undergraduate students interested in psychology and related fields in a supportive setting. A faculty advisor is available to answer study questions, provide career guidance, and assist students in designing academic research projects.

Research may be done individually with faculty support, or as part of a research team studying a specific topic. Students even have the option of conducting research on campus and publishing their work, an excellent distinguishing feature on a student's curriculum vitae.

The Lab also exists to provide a safe and relaxing space for students to take a break between classes and connect with other students pursuing similar academic and career goals. The Psychology Club hosts its weekly meetings here as well on Tuesdays at 2 p.m.

Who can benefit from the Psychology Lab?

  • Students interested in and passionate about psychology and related fields.
  • Students interested in academic research.
  • Students studying psychology who have questions and need study help.
  • Students interested in a career in psychology, counseling, nursing, social work, human services, or medicine but are still uncertain what path to pursue.
  • Students who need a friendly, welcoming space to take a break between classes.  

Get involved today


Visit us during lab hours for psychology study help, information about research, or to ask career counseling questions.

Join an existing research team

  • Fear of being a burden to one's family and friends and suicide-risk
  • Negative stigma that prevents African American males from seeking medical and psychological help, its effects and historical context
  • Investigation into the decision-making process of Somali and Nigerian immigrants to decline immunizations
  • Research methodology of case studies
  • Sociocultural influences on hoarding
  • Social identity within American culture
  • Somali use of mental health services
  • Self-efficacy and Grade Confidence

Have an idea of your own?

Present your ideas and areas of interest to a faculty advisor and create your own research project with guidance.