• Nursing Application Requirements for the MANE Curriculum

    (The Requirements below Must be completed prior to the application deadline).

    1. General admission to North Hennepin Community College which includes payment of the $20 application fee.
    2. Submission of ALL official transcripts (in a sealed envelope or via electronic PDF directly from the college) for ALL post-secondary institutions previously enrolled (even if they may not transfer or apply to the program), (including military, CLEP, advanced placement-AP, beauty school, etc) attached with your application OR submitted to our Records and Registration office before you apply.
    3. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 based on the following courses: (the first semester of the MANE curriculum plan)-- these courses MUST be completed before applying to the NHCC Nursing program
      • Official transcripts will be used to calculate GPA
      • The most recent course grade will be used for the GPA calculation, whether it is higher or lower than previous grades
      • Each course of the MANE curriculum plan must have been achieved with a letter grade of C or better
      • Full acceptance to NHCC's Nursing Program is dependent on successful completion of the second semester of the MANE curriculum plan, maintaining a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.75
    4. All applicants are required to complete the most recent version of Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), standardized Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) prior to application deadlines.
      • Applicants are allowed to take the TEAS as many times as they wish; the best score achieved may be submitted.
      • In order to submit an application, applicants must score at least 58.7% on the TEAS (cut score as of 2/2/2018)
      • Watch the TEAS testing information page for more information about how to register and when/where to take the test.
      • TEAS Testing Process: The TEAS exam will be administered via ATI, INC. at specified member MANE colleges/university. Registration and payment of fees will be online via ATI. The student may opt to take the TEAS test at any of the listed member sites, and should register as a MANE nursing application candidate. The test will take approximately 3-4 hours and should not be scheduled unless adequate time is available by the tester.
      • Applicants who opt to take the TEAS test at a non-MANE member site ARE required to purchase a transcript from ATI and have it sent to Admissions and Outreach to be put with their application at NHCC. Submit a copy of your score report with your application.
      • The fee paid by the student to ATI, INC. is $87 (subject to change)
      • The student may access study materials at: http://www.atitesting.com/solutions/prenursingschool/teas/study-guide.aspx
    5. Advanced standing applicants, Licensed Practical Nurses:
      • Must maintain unencumbered licensure from any state in the United States.

    NOTE 11/18/2019: Admissions Criteria Changes:

    *At this time, MANE is implementing Holistic Admissions in two phases. (PHASE I)

    Consideration for admission to the MANE Nursing program is based on TEAS and GPA.  Effective December 1st, 2019, a Personal Statement is also required to complete the application.
    This statement will be used to determine future criteria for Holistic Admissions and will not influence Fall 2020 admission. The Personal Statement is confidential and will not be shared outside of the Holistic Admissions workgroup.
    Applications without the Personal Statement will be considered incomplete and will not move forward for consideration.
    We thank you for your contribution to the MANE Phase I Holistic Admissions process.

    Personal Statement as follows:

    Personal Statement

    Respond to the following question for your personal statement. Your personal statement should be no more than 1,000 words. 

    Why nursing profession and why now?

    Reflect upon and describe a strength and/or challenge related to an experience that influenced your future aspirations to pursue a nursing profession.

  • Selection Criteria for Acceptance/Admission to MANE

    1. TEAS composite score divided by a factor of 10 (Example: Composite score of 79.3% = 7.93)
    2. First semester GPA of MANE Program Plan (Ex: 3.49)
    3. The combined total TEAS and GPA score will be utilized to rank applicants for order of acceptance. (Ex: 7.93+3.49=11.42 ranking score)
    4. In the event of a tied combined total TEAS and GPA score, the applicant with the highest TEAS science sub-score will advance in rank order for acceptance. If a further tie exists, the applicant with the highest TEAS math sub-score will advance in rank order for acceptance.
    5. All applicants, regardless of LPN status, will be placed into a common applicant pool based on numeric score as identified in criteria 1-3
    6. Full acceptance to the MANE collaborating college and university is dependent on successful completion of the second semester of the MANE Curriculum plan, maintaining a minimum nursing cumulative GPA of 2.75, including obtaining a grade of C or better in all required courses
  • After Acceptance/Admission to MANE Nursing Program

    Evidence of having completed the following criteria must be submitted to the MANE collaborating college and university prior to the start of MANE nursing courses (after admission into the Nursing Program) and must remain current throughout the program. Requirements include, but may not be limited to:

    1. Documentation of current CPR Healthcare Provider
    2. Completion of current Minnesota Human Services Background Check including fingerprints. If an applicant has been arrested, charged or convicted of any criminal offense, he or she should investigate the impact that the charge or conviction may have on his or her chances of employment or licensure as a registered nurse and the student’s chances to obtain federal, state and other higher education financial aid ( by Minnesota Statute 135A. 157). If the applicant refuses, or is disqualified as a result of the background study, the applicant will be unable to successfully complete the requirements of the MANE program. Note: Involuntary termination from a healthcare institution may prohibit an applicant from completing this program.
    3. Completed health and immunization record, including proof of current immunizations and tuberculosis testing, and/or other requirements as defined by the clinical agency
  • Timelines for Application and Notification of Admission

    Applications and all required supporting documentation must be submitted prior to any application deadline. Applications, transcripts, and TEAS exam results may be submitted separately but all must be received by close of business on the deadline date.

    1. Universal application deadlines:
      • Fall semester start: Application deadline is February 1
      • Spring semester start: Application deadline is June 1
    2. Notification to applicants by the college or university applicant applied to:
      • Fall semester start: March 15 applicant notification of accept, deny or wait list status, April 1 notification deadline by applicant to respond to the college or university to accept or deny admission to the program
      • Spring semester start: July 16 applicant notification of accept, deny or waitlist status, August 1 notification deadline by applicant to respond to the college or university to accept or deny admission to the program
    3. Applications of students not accepted to MANE will remain on file through the next admission cycle. If a student chooses to reapply for the next admission cycle, the student must
      • Complete a new application form
      • Update any materials needed to maintain currency of admission requirements
      • Any successive applications will require the student to complete and submit all required information and documents as if applying to MANE for the first time.
  • Process for Dual Admission

    1. Students who receive confirmation to the program will be required to return the following prior to a deadline specified in the acceptance letter:
      • Applicant Agreement Form acknowledging acceptance of seat in the MANE Program
      • Dual Admission Form to complete the BSN Degree
      • Dual Admission Form stimulates dual admission with Metropolitan State and gives permission for student data to be shared.
    2. Metropolitan State University will send the student written acknowledgement of participation in the MANE Program and Admit Packet for a future term of enrollment at Metropolitan State University based on the following criteria:
      • Acceptance to a MANE nursing program
      • Submission of all admission materials
      • Submission of a completed “Dual Admission Form” to complete the BSN degree at Metropolitan State University
      • A Metropolitan State University nursing representative will connect with MANE students on the community college campuses in the 4th and 5th semesters of the program to advise the student on the dual admission process and continuation of the University NSO program to the Bachelor of Science in nursing degree. Metropolitan State will begin teaching in the 6th semester of the program.
    3. Continuing at Metropolitan State University after completion of five semesters of the MANE Program Plan - Students must meet the academic performance criteria of both institutions, and the MANE program, in order to continue to the baccalaureate degree. Students that do not will be denied continuing to completion of the baccalaureate degree at Metropolitan State University. In addition, students will be reviewed for any other performance criteria that may prohibit continuing at Metropolitan State University (i.e. code of conduct issues, probation status).
  • MANE Mission and Vision

    The mission of the Minnesota Alliance for Nursing Education (MANE) is to increase baccalaureate prepared nurses through collaborative, transformative educational strategies.

    Through increased access to baccalaureate nursing education MANE will prepare professional nurses to promote health and meet the evolving and complex healthcare needs of an increasingly diverse population in Minnesota.

    The purpose of the Minnesota Alliance for Nursing Education (MANE) is to improve access to baccalaureate education in Minnesota, closely aligning nursing education with emerging health care needs and health care system changes. Students admitted to a MANE collaborating college or university will be enrolled in a four year (eight-semester) baccalaureate program, which will incorporate curriculum designed to facilitate deep, contextually grounded learning which prepares them for the rapidly changing health care environment upon graduation.

  • Minnesota Alliance for Nursing Education (MANE) Program

    The MANE curriculum is transformative, moving away from independent silos of education to collaboration between universities, community colleges and practice. MANE is a collaborative between community college and university nursing programs to provide increased student access to a baccalaureate program and attainment of a Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) degree. Students admitted to a community college MANE program will be dually admitted to Metropolitan State University.

    The program was built following a thorough analysis of national standards including AACN, CCNE, NLN, ACEN (NLNAC), PEW, OCNE, and QSEN from which ten program competencies have been developed. This 120 credit, eight semester program has collaboratively developed prerequisites, admission processes, grading scales, and a Program Plan across all collaborating colleges and universities

    Students participating in the MANE curriculum are eligible to sit for the NCLEX after successfully completing the fifth semester, at the benchmark. Students planning to apply for licensure in Minnesota will register with the Minnesota Board of Nursing to complete this process.