Course Descriptions

HTN 1000    Clinical Laboratory Basics     Credits  1         Goal Areas  n/a     Course Outline 1000

This course will introduce the student to the general role of health care provider as well as the specific role of the Histoechnician. Basic aspects of chemical safety, laboratory safety, quality assurance, microscopy, pipetting techniques, and laboratory mathematics also will be presented. Prerequisite: Admission to the Histotechnology Program

HTN 1001    Histotechniques I     Credits  4         Goal Areas  n/a     Course Outline 1001

This course will introduce current theory and practice in histotechnology including specimen processing and preservation, tissue embedding, histology instrumentation, microtomy, and the theory of routine H&E staining. Prerequisite: Biol 1001

HTN 1002    Histotechniques II     Credits  2         Goal Areas  n/a     Course Outline 1002

This course is a continuation of Histotechnique I with emphasis on reinforcement of fundamental principles of histology. Procedures and maintenance of basic histology instruments will be introduced. Students will be expected to achieve entry-level competencies in basic lab techniques and additional techniques will be practiced. Prerequisites: HTN 1001

HTN 2003    Histotechniques III     Credits  3         Goal Areas  n/a     Course Outline 2003

This course is a continuation of Histotechnique II with emphasis on additional reagents used for techniques previously covered, maintenance of instrumentation, slide preparation, and processing of biopsy specimens. Prerequisites: HTN 1002

HTN 2100    Special Stains     Credits  4         Goal Areas  n/a     Course Outline 2100

Preparation of chemical reagents for the histology lab will be discussed and performed. The theory, practice, and microscopic evaluation of staining procedures for various applications will be covered. Prerequisites: Concurrent with HTN 2003

HTN 2150    Special Procedures     Credits  2         Goal Areas  n/a     Course Outline 2150

Lectures and labs will build on skills learned and practiced in Histotechnique I and II. Reprocessing specimens for better results will be practiced with the use of simulated labs to emphasize organization and teamwork. Specialized procedures will be introduced including cryotomy, immuno-histochemistry, and cytology preparation. Prerequisites: Concurrent with HTN 2003

HTN 2200    Histo-Anatomy     Credits  1         Goal Areas  n/a     Course Outline 2200

This course focuses on the description of microstructures of human organs and on cellular components of specific organs. Microscopic identification of these cellular components will be practiced. Prerequisites: Biol 2111 and Biol 2112

HTN 2300    Histology Clinical Experience     Credits  12         Goal Areas  n/a     Course Outline 2300

This course gives students clinical experience necessary to develop entry-level technical skills in all aspects of the histology laboratory under the supervision of certified histotechnicians, histotechnologists, and pathologists. Emphasis will also be placed on acquiring effective team skills and preparation for the practical component of the certification exam. Prerequisites: Successful completion of all program-required general education and histotechnology courses