Course Descriptions

ARBC 1030    Arab Cultures     Credits  3         Goal Areas  06,08     Course Outline 1030

This course discusses the history and culture of the Arab world, examining various aspects of this rich and venerable civilization, the importance attached to education, the achievements of Arab science and also the internal conflicts, wide-spread poverty, and the role of women. This course is also an introduction to how the religion of Islam created a far-flung Arab Muslim world that embraces lands reaching from the shores of the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean, and examines how social institutions and culture are intertwined with politics and economics. This course is taught in English; no previous knowledge of Arabic language is required.

ARBC 1101    Introduction to Arabic     Credits  4         Goal Areas  08     Course Outline 1101

Designed for the student with little or no previous experience with a second language, this course gives students the opportunity to learn basic communication needs in Arabic. The four language skills of reading, listening, writing, and speaking will be implemented and practiced. The class begins with learning the Alphabet and progresses into learning reading elementary level Arabic, writing simple sentences, speaking basic and introductory idioms. Listening drills and exercises are employed in the class. Students will also learn basic grammar and its applicability, especially in writing. The course also introduces students to the culture of the Arabic-speaking people. Some aspects of Arab heritage, traditions, and customs will be highlighted and explained.

ARBC 1102    Beginning Arabic II     Credits  4         Goal Areas  08     Course Outline 1102

This course is the second of two-course series to fulfill the needs of our students as well as our community. It is designed for non-native beginners to learn formal Arabic also known as Modern Standard Arabic. Prerequisite: Arbc 1101

ARBC 2201    Intermediate Arabic I     Credits  4         Goal Areas  08     Course Outline 2201

This course continues the development of the multiple language skills introduced in the beginning sequence. The student is introduced to the literature and culture of Arabic speaking nations. Prerequisite: Arbc 1102 or equivalent