The mathematics instructors at North Hennepin Community College come from all over the nation and the world; they have a diverse array of teaching philosophies and styles, but share a commitment to students, learning and mathematics. 

Students at NHCC can attend classes in mathematics from basic arithmetic through three semesters of calculus, linear algebra, differential equations and statistics.  Classes are taught during the day, in the evening and on weekends at the Brooklyn Park campus, at Buffalo High School, and online.  Math students at NHCC can expect dedicated, enthusiastic instruction and a challenging learning environment.

Department Details
Department: Mathematics
Building: Center for Liberal Arts Building
Main: 763-424-0833

NamePhoneMore Last Name
Awe, Leo763-424-0835More about Awe
Carlson, Melinda763-424-0794More about Carlson
Foss, Mathew763-424-0840More about Foss
Gardner, Matthew763-488-0417More about Gardner
Hepola, Brandon763-488-0112More about Hepola
Joa, Jennifer763-424-0786More about Joa
Kreeger, Brian763-488-0415More about Kreeger
Lang, Nicole763-424-0847More about Lang
Liew, David763-488-0252More about Liew
Mahon, Cheri763-488-0267More about Mahon
Moniri, Mojtaba763-488-0206More about Moniri
Newborg, Deane763-488-0261More about Newborg
Nyholm, Brian763-488-0128More about Nyholm
Odqan, Kerim763-488-0420More about Odqan
Pope, Lisa763-424-0700More about Pope
Steen, Elizabeth763-424-0843More about Steen
Tabbert, Cody763-488-0431More about Tabbert
Talbert, Charles763-424-0833More about Talbert
Van Asten, Sara763-488-0291More about Van Asten
Wambua, Victoria763-424-0893More about Wambua