NHCC has been a great investment in my future career. Although I have 20 years’ experience in my current profession, I lacked computer skills that are vital to all daily business operations. The CIS courses at NHCC have increased my hire ability in just one semester. I’m more proficient with Microsoft Office and feel more confident in the workplace. The Microsoft Office Certificate will help me transition from a hands on trade to a sales or training specialist. I’m looking forward to the career opportunities my education will provide me. Thank you, NHCC!

~ V. Rommes


I was attending North Hennepin Community College pursuing a Business Administration and Accounting degree. I chose to add the Business Computer Systems and Management degree because this degree compliments my others very well. I believe it will make my knowledge and abilities more well-rounded and applicable to many aspects of my work. When I graduated from high school I had no idea what I wanted to do, after getting some work experience I fell in love with leading and managing my warehouse team. I have to use computer programs like Microsoft Excel which I knew very little about. I also have to know how to budget and manager labor. This degree will be a huge asset to my future endeavors because it combines computer skills with business and management.

~ H. McCreight


I recently completed the Business Computer Systems I at North Hennepin Community College. I have worked for Minneapolis Public Schools for 24 years and currently Work at Stadium View High School. I took this class to increase what I already thought I knew about using Microsoft Office. Boy was I wrong. Part of my job is to create documents to send to student records, but a bigger part of my job is keeping multiple spreadsheets for student data including enrollment, testing, and records received and sent. We were using Excel on a shared drive. While taking the class I could go to work the next day and use what I had learned in class to update my spreadsheets. Now I can use what I learned from class to make less work for myself. I use Google Docs now and am able to use everything I learned about Excel on my Google Spreadsheets. I look forward to taking the next class. Upon completion of the next class, I will take the Microsoft Certification test to add to my resume. I would recommend this class for anyone wanting to increase their MS Office skills. I thank the teachers at NHCC.

~Y. Thompson