Students are expected to attend and participate in all sessions of each class in which they are enrolled. Students are advised to notify the faculty member - in advance whenever possible -of any absence. It is the students' responsibility to adjust (add/drop) their course registration within the add/drop period if their anticipated "life events" will conflict with course attendance/participation expectations as stated in the syllabus.  

Faculty members are expected to provide a course syllabus to students within the first week of class for full term courses and within the first session for short term courses.  The syllabus should include clearly stated attendance/participation expectations and treatment of absences for "life events."   Best practice syllabus statements, allowing for flexibility, range from "make-ups are allowed for all absences" to "make-ups are not allowed, but assignments/quizzes/tests may be dropped."  Faculty members have  the authority to assign an FN (failure for non-attendance) for any student who has never attended or who has stopped attending and who did not officially drop/withdraw. 

The College reserves the right to deregister a student who does not attend the first class session if it is in the best interest of the College.  Deregistration may negatively impact financial aid, veteran's benefits, and international student status.  

The College will default to syllabus statements when conflicts related to attendance/participation occur between the faculty member and the student.

Faculty and student responsibilities for military deployment are delineated by the following policies and state statute: