Policy Information

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Number: 5.31.1

Name: Use of Email for Official Communication Procedure

Author: Policy Committee

Effective Date: January 8, 2018

Next Review Date: Fall 2022

Regulatory Authority

Part 1. Implementation of Official Email.

Subpart A. Assignment of Email.

North Hennepin Community College (NHCC) email accounts are assigned to all newly hired employees, employees-like, and to all admitted students.

Subpart B. Expectations about Use of Email.

Students and employees are expected to read their email. “I didn’t check my email,” error in forwarding mail, or email returned to the college with “Mailbox Full” or “User Unknown” are not acceptable excuses for missing official college communications. Students who are not enrolled and employees on FMLA; medical, parental, or other leave; or vacation are not expected to check their college assigned email account until returning to campus.

Subpart C. Redirecting of Email.

The college’s email service allows individuals to choose to have all messages sent to the NHCC email account forwarded to another email account. Any email communication sent by the college to the official NHCC email account is considered delivered. Students who wish to have their official NHCC email forwarded to an alternative personal account (e.g., Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) may do so at their own risk and assume all responsibility for ensuring the forwarding mechanism is accurate and continues to function. NHCC is not responsible for the delivery or delay of delivery to a forwarded email account.

Students will be notified by the college that they must retain all responsibility associated with official communications that are sent to their official NHCC student email account.

The college will not automatically forward employee email messages to another email account. Requests due to extraordinary circumstances must be submitted to the employee’s immediate supervisor. The college will not be responsible nor provide Information Technology department support services for email services other than those provided by the college.

Part 2. Use of Official Email.

Subpart A. Educational Uses of Email.

Faculty may incorporate electronic forms of communication in their classes, and will specify their requirements in the course syllabus. Reading NHCC emails ensures that all students comply with email-based course requirements specified by faculty.

Subpart B. College Use of Official Email.

Official communications sent by the college to employees and students are intended only to meet the academic and administrative needs of the campus community.

Part 3. Compliance with Related Policies.

All messages sent using the NHCC email service must adhere to the college’s Computer Usage and Electronic Transmission Policy, available on the college web site, Code of Conduct and Ethics, and Minnesota Statutes 43A.38, Subd. 4 and 43.A39, Subd.2, and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended.

Part 4. Campus Review.

Review Action


Campus Community Review Period

06-Nov-2017 through 17-Nov-2017



MAPE Review


MMA Review


Shared Governance Council Review


Student Senate Review


President Approval


Campus Community Dissemination



  • New procedure, adopted 27-Aug-2012 by John O’Brien
    • Campus Review 21-Mar-2012 through 04-Apr-2012
    • AFSCME Review 26-Apr-2012
    • MAPE Review 05-Apr-2012
    • MMA Review 05-Apr-2012
    • Shared Governance Council Review 25-May-2012
    • Student Senate Review 26-Apr-2012
    • President Approval 04-Jun-2012
    • Campus Community Dissemination Jul-2012
  • Revised Fall 2017