As a part of the Minnesota State system, North Hennepin Community College receives funding via the legislative request submitted by Minnesota State. Minnesota State is the fifth largest system of colleges and universities in the nation with 30 state colleges and universities across the state that serve as an essential resource to students, business, and industry. In addition to requesting its operating budget, Minnesota State is requesting $178 million in new funding for fiscal years 2018 and 2019.

FY2018-FY2019 Minnesota State Legislative Request

$178 million in new funding over the next biennium:

  • $143 million to support and protect campuses like NHCC
  • $25 million for critical technology replacements impacting NHCC
  • $10 million for student incentive grants

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Impact of the Minnesota State Legislative Request to NHCC

NHCC will receive $3.6 million of the $143 million supporting and protecting campuses, and an estimated 888 students will be supported by the funding for incentive grants.

A fully funded request will allow us to:

  • Positively impact our goals of closing the opportunity gap and advancing completion, transfer, and baccalaureate degree attainment.
  • Maintain campus facilities, technology, and other essential services that ensure student retention and success.
  • Encourage innovation and program development to support Minnesota's workforce needs.

A not fully funded request will cause us to:

  • Eliminate programs and services to students, threatening student completion and success rates.
  • Respond with further layoffs and jeopardize our ability to deliver quality programs and services.

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2017 NHCC Capital Request

Should any portion of the Minnesota State capital request be funded, NHCC is included for $3.1 million in asset preservation (HEAPR).

Extraordinary Reasons to #FundMinnesotaState and NHCC

  • NHCC is one of the 37 state colleges and universities that are part of the Minnesota State system.
  • The college and universities that make up Minnesota State are home to 54 campuses, 1 of which belongs to NHCC.
  • Minnesota State serves 396,000 students annually, and NHCC serves 10,424 of those students.
  • Minnesota State serves more students of color, first generation college students, and low-income students, including the 46% of NHCC students who are students of color and 41% who are Pell eligible.
  • NHCC partners with businesses such as the METRO Blue Line, the Hennepin County Leadership Workforce Council, The Manufacturers Consortium, the North Hennepin Chamber of Commerce, the cities of Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, and Maple Grove, the Brooklyn Bridge Alliance for Youth, and more than 20 K-12 districts in an effort to make sure we offer the right programs, in the right places, turning out the right number of graduates who are prepared with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in the jobs of the future.
  • We offer more than 70 degrees and certificates as well as bachelor's degrees through university partnerships on campus.
  • Our annual economic impact to our region is $276 million and 2,628 jobs in the Twin Cities area according to the results of a study conducted by Wilder Research, a nationally recognized source of data used by state and local planners, policy makers, and service providers.
  • NHCC is a Yellow Ribbon Company, reinforcing our commitment to being a military-friendly campus.
  • NHCC launched initiatives to help close the achievement gap, including the Excellence in Education with Equity program, focused on replicating proven classroom strategies that close the achievement gap.
  • NHCC is increasing baccalaureate-prepared graduates going into the workforce by delivering 12 bachelor degree programs on campus via partnerships with four-year universities. Ten more programs are scheduled to be introduced by the fall of 2018.
  • NHCC launched a new human services program to address talent demand.
  • NHCC is collaborating with seven high schools to offer concurrent enrollment courses.

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