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Apply For Services

Application Steps

  • Submit an Application for Services to the Access Services (A.S.) Director. Be prepared to discuss your disability, impact, documentation, possible accommodations, and policies and procedures.  Please plan ahead of your need as accommodations are not retroactive.
  • Submit Documentation to support your accommodation requests. Acceptable sources of documentation for substantiating a disability and requests for particular accommodations can take a variety of forms.  Approved accommodations are based on how the impairment limits the student's functioning on a day to day basis and in the academic setting. To substantiate a student's disability and requests for specific accommodations, acceptable documentation should:
    • Be current and/or reflect current level of functioning. The student bears costs associated with obtaining appropriate documentation.
    • Be from a qualified professional. A qualified professional is a professional who has experience and training in the area being assessed.
    • Include the diagnosis of disability and the assessment procedures used to make the diagnosis.
    • Include functional limitations the disability has on learning/major life activities.
    • Include recommendations for reasonable accommodations and/or modifications that may be effective.
  • Engage in a dialogue process with the A.S. Director to determine reasonable, appropriate, approved accommodations.
  • After reasonable accommodations have been approved, submit a Request for Services to the A.S. office each term you wish to receive services.  

Temporary Services

In certain circumstances, the DAS Office permits the implementation of services during a grace period not to exceed one term while the student pursues current documentation. In order to be eligible for a grace period, the student must meet with the Director of the Disability Access Services office for a screening.  Additionally, DAS may provide temporary assistance to students requiring services due to a temporary medical condition affecting a student’s ability to participate in the educational process.  Medical documentation verifying the temporary need may be required.


Contact Information

Location: LRC 170 -172
Fax: 763-493-0565
MN Relay: 1-800-627-3529

Tom Lynch, A.S. Director

Jessica Neumann, Accommodations Specialist


Drop-In Hours
Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Other hours Monday-Friday
available by appointment