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Sports and Recreational Activities

The Sports and Recreational Activities Office ("Rec Sports") offers a wide variety of programs for students that promote wellness and enhance lifelong skills.

Rec Sports provides intramural, extramural, and community-based sporting opportunities. Intramural sports teams are made up of NHCC students who play against each other. Extramural sports teams ("club") are NHCC students who compete against other community college teams. NHCC students are also organized to contend with community-based organizations.

In addition, students can take advantage of the open weight room and gym activities. Students who have completed the Physical Education 1010 class can also use the Fitness Center for as long as they are enrolled at the college.

Lockers and locks are also available. Lockers are available for both daily and semester-long use.  To have a lock assigned to you, see HWC 165. All lockers must be emptied at the end of each semester. You must be a currently enrolled student to receive a locker.

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Student ID

Student IDs are required to participate in all Rec Sports activities, including use of the facilities. 


Students must wear appropriate activity attire and non-marking athletic shoes. Activity attire consists of shorts or sweatpants and a T-shirt. 

Disciplinary Policy

All students are expected to follow standards of behavior as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct (Chapter 3).  

Rules and Regulations PowerPoint Quiz

Students who wish to use the facilities or take part in any activities must first take a quick safety quiz that can be found in D2L Brightspace. The quiz corresponds to the Rules and Regulations Powerpoint, found in the content section in D2L Brightspace.

To take the quiz:

  • Log on to D2L Brightspace, click Self Registration > Sports and Recreation
  • Once on the Sports and Recreation page, the Quiz can be found under Assessments > Quizzes
  • The informational PowerPoint can be found at Materials > Content

When you have finished with a 100% score, come to HWC 165 to receive your sticker.



Contact Information

Sports and Recreational Activities Office
Location: Health and Wellness Center, HWC-165A
Phone: 763-424-0825

Kevin Manson 
Director of Sports and Recreation
Location: HWC-165
Phone: 763-424-0195
Email: kmanson@nhcc.edu

Tarsha Davis
Student Life & Rec Sports Assistant                                                                                                      
Location: HWC-165
Phone: 763-424-0801
Email: tdavis@nhcc.edu

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