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NHCC Art Exhibitions

2017 Summer Season

Yelena S. Kurdyumova & Sergey A. Porada: "Sardinia, The Footstep of the God"

May 16 - June 30, 2017
Opening Reception on Wednesday, May 24, 6-9pm
Joseph Gazzuolo Fine Arts Gallery, FAC 135

Photo exhibition-contest, consisting of 34 art works by distinguished photo-artists with European background, members of International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), Yelena S. Kurdyumova & Sergey A. Porada, gives a chance to see through the lenses of their cameras unique autonomous region of Italy, island-resort – Sardinia.

Sards believe that their island, reminding in shape of a human footstep, was the first step of the God on the Earth, left by the Creator on the granite rocks, which raised from the Mediterranean Sea. The main cities of Sardinia were founded in the Phoenician-Carthaginian and Roman periods of history. Among them is Cagliari (7-6 century BCE), modern capital of Sardinia, and Olbia (6-4 century BCE), large city and port in the north of the island. See 30-minute HD video presentation of this photo-exhibition on Runglobalmedia's Youtube channel.

Derik Anderson: "Paint Brûlée"

July 6 - July 28, 2017
Opening Reception on Thursday, July 6, 6-8pm
Joseph Gazzuolo Fine Arts Gallery, FAC 135

"Paint Brûlée" by Derik Anderson continues with the NHCC summer gallery offerings. Anderson's work is bold and experimental. He concentrates on innovative ideas and techniques that push the visual surface to unexpected results. Free admission

Carla Ann Steiger

August 7 - August 31, 2017
Opening Reception on Monday, August 7, 6-8pm
Joseph Gazzuolo Fine Arts Gallery, FAC 135

I am interested in creating small dreamlike worlds in every image. From my collection of old photographs, toys, and glass objects, I assemble small tableaux in my studio. These are then photographed and later receive minimal computer manipulation. The resulting surreal landscapes are meant to be interpreted by each viewer in her or his own way.
Free Admission



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