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Book Charge Service

Book Charge Eligibility

Students must bring their NHCC student ID and a copy of their class schedule to the Bookstore to obtain books. Students who meet one of the following conditions are eligible to charge books:

  • ALLISS Grant recipients may charge the required book and course materials based on your approved ALLISS Grant authorization.
  • Financial aid recipients receiving aid in excess of the cost of tuition and fees may charge books after receiving an award letter and completing the loan application process (if needed). Students eligible to charge books receive an email from the Financial Aid Office that lists the dates that the book charging service is available and the amount that can be charged.  Financial Aid charges can include books, a backpack and limited supplies. 
  • PSEO students are eligible to charge books and course materials only. PSEO funded books remain the property of the State of Minnesota and must be returned by the last day of the term. If books and materials are not returned by the deadline, a replacement fee and a hold preventing future registration and the receipt of an official transcript for transfer purposes is added to the student account. 
  • Students with an e-Cashier payment plan for the term may charge books, a backpack and limited supplies. 
  • Third Party fund recipients must have your third-party provider submit payment authorization and have your account established in the Accounting & Fees Office prior to charging. 
  • Veterans must have applied for veterans benefits and obtain your book charge form from the VA Certifying Official. Veteran students can charge textbooks and limited supplies. Backpacks cannot be charged on the VA account.

Book Charge Conditions

  • Students using any book charge process are responsible for all charges if they adjust their registration or withdraw from classes.  If for any reason the student fails to receive the funding upon which a bookstore charge is based, or if the amount of funding is insufficient to pay for all charges on the account, the student is obligated to pay NHCC the full balance.
  • Book charges are allowed only during the scheduled book charge dates.
  • All charges are subject to the return policy. Please retain your receipt!



Contact Information

Location: Educational Services (ES) 70
Phone: 763-424-0808
Fax: 763-424-0811
Email: bookstore@nhcc.edu


Monday, Thursday, Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Tuesday, Wednesday
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